Wok On Fire: The most Innovative fine dine food brand

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Wok on Fire has captured the food market like no other. In a very short span of time it has garnered its fan following to such a huge extent that on Facebook alone it has more than two lakh followers. This is no easy or small thing to achieve but this phenomenal fine dine food brand has achieved it in a very short span of time. Currently Wok on Fire has its presence in about 3 cities of Gujarat with about 6 of its franchise outlets.

Wok on Fire is certainly very keen on achieving the title of the biggest food brand and this reflects from its hard work and passion. It provides extremely well cooked Indo- Chinese and PAN-ASIAN food products ranging from Soups, Momos, Rolls, Bao Buns, Starters, main course and much more.

Wok on Fire provides a delicious variety of food products such as spring roll, corn chilli roll, exotic veg in Hoisin sauce, Exotic veg red pepper and much more premium food products satiating the hunger of its customers.

Innovation is what Wok on Fire believes in and consistently offers the same constant taste which in turn becomes a factor for its long term success.

The Brand

If you are considering an outing with your family and friends then Wok on Fire can prove to be just the right destination for a get together to maybe relieve your stress a little and have some fun time and create memories. Wok on Fire is known for offering compelling and the most delicious vegetarian Chinese food products at nominal prices to its customers. To Wok on Fire hospitality is not a business but it is its passion and with the combination of dedication it becomes one of the fine dine food brands catering to the tasteful needs of its clientele. If you buy Wok on Fire franchise then this may prove to be one of the wisest decisions of your life as it can really help in one’s financial growth.

If we talk about in terms of quality then Wok on Fire is a food brand which offers a well concocted blend of just the right ambience, hygiene and the overall environment of the restaurant which in turn impacts the profit making of the food brand in a very positive way. It is indeed one of the most profitable food franchise opportunity for the investors and buyers.

The USP’s of Wok On Fire

Wok on Fire offers various new strategies and at the same time innovative business marketing methods for boosting its franchise business aspects.

1)     The customer now gets the opportunity to order what he/she wants to desperately eat by ordering online. It gives the customer an opportunity to save his/her time

2)     Wok on Fire also offers the new concept of bike waiters giving the comfort to the client/customer to not to get out of their houses perhaps due to the fact that it is raining outside or perhaps he/she simply doesn’t have the mood.

3)     The next big thing about Wok on Fire as a premium food brand is that now it also has an application giving the opportunity to the client to order on the go without much hassle as these are the times of online and e-marketing.

4)     Wok on Fire also provides many different and unique offers to its clients boosting its sales.

To open a Wok on Fire franchise the required investment budget is of about 50 lac- 1 crore and the area requirement is of about 1000 sq.ft.

The FranchiseZing factor

FranchiseZing is one of the most profitable and leading franchise consultancy companies. We are known for providing the most exceptional quality of franchising services to the clients taking into account the financial growth needs of both the franchisor and the franchisees. For details regarding Wok on Fire franchise reach us at our hotline number 97178-99655 or mail us at info@franchisezing.com

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