Biographies, Facts and Everything you need :- Bhai Pta Hai by Ayushmaan Singh

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Ayushmaan Singh an engineering student is a Video content creator on the platforms Instagram, YouTube and Facebook whose comedic talent is evident across the three platforms..He currently has 68.5K subscribers and more than 70 videos on Instagram. He uploaded his first video on July 16, 2016. He makes amazing Biographies, Facts and has always come up with better videos.

  Tell us about the journey of your business? What were the challenges that you faced?

  In today’s Scenario, YouTube has become a very competitive task which needs quality and consistency. I started YouTube with a Video which contained my political views. After 5 days of uploading, I found that video has reached over 25000 people. This amazed me to a whole new level. This made me understand that YouTube can provide you with the biggest audience.I was very fond of reading about personalities and my voice always supported me in delivering the facts about personalities in public so I decided to make videos on YouTube in the biographical genre. But the problem was that I don’t have any good camera so I Started using the animation for my videos. There were many challenges but the biggest challenge was maintaining consistency. I learned Photoshop for creating thumbnail which is very crucial part of your videos impression.

One day my biography of Harsh Beniwal went viral and gave me the headstart and after that, I made various biographies on Zakir khan,Shahid Alvi,Round2Hell,guru randhawa,Nazar Battu productions,Rishabh Pant,Yo Yo and many more.I got appreciation from Zakir khan,Nazar battu productions,Harsh beniwal,Ashqeen etc. But I was very irregular with my video upload that’s why my views varies point to point. Each video takes an effort of 5 hours in a single sitting and If didn’t work out ,then that’s the most hurting element. It happened a lot. With my studies it is very difficult to cope with YouTube but now I am having 68.5K subscribers but still, I am inconsistent with my videos.

  Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of?

  When I made a biography of Zakir Khan, Then I tweeted him and guess what He replied and liked my video. Similarly, Harsh Beniwal and Amit bhadana was so attached to my biography on him and in the same way shahid alvi(nagar palika Fame) and round2hell.

  What is unique about your business and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

  The most unique thing about my business is my voice. I know I can take it anywhere with my voice. If I will be consistent in my videos then surely I will reach in the Top Creator list of YouTube India in an Educational genre.

  What do you look for in an employee, and what are your responsibilities as a business owner?

  Well, Right now I am handling it on my own and I don’t think I need anyone else till 500k subscribers.

  How much do you think that social media helps you to work more effectively in knowing your audience or knowing what’s new in the market?

  Social Media plays an important role. For the creator like me, it is very important for me to get handy on trending news so Google trends helped me a lot.

  What would be your suggestion to the budding entrepreneurs?

  Well, I am not a full-fledged entrepreneur but One thing I have experienced that you should experiment a lot with finding the right path.





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