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Smoothies are versatile drink combinations of base ingredients such as yogurt,along with fruits or vegetables and added nutrients. These function as a breakfast, on the go , a hearty liquid lunch or a between meal snack.Smoothies are often served at fitness center juice bars and stand alone shops. Arjun Khera the Director of Smoothie Valley says that a Smoothie business offers an opportunity to provide customers with tasty and nutritionally rich treats that offer a welcome alternative to fast food snacks.

  Start by telling us why have you picked this sector, and how has your journey been so far?

  Since I was a little kid, I was always attracted to run my own hospitality business. As I grew up, it was confirmed that the food sector is what I always want to be in. The endless variety of offerings throughout the world, coupled with constant innovation attracted me the most. While my time in the US as a student, it was always hard to be on time with regular meals, let alone nutrition. One day, on a sunny afternoon, surfing through a local mall, I came across a local Smoothie Bar. The colorful, vibrant and uplifting interiors caught my eye. I’ve had Smoothies in India before, but this was night and day from the ones I’ve always had in India. That day onwards, I was hooked on to them. I decided to bring real Smoothies to the Indian market, which not only are great for the body in nutrition, but also the best cooler in the Indian weather. Building awareness in the Indian market is highly challenging. False advertising by a lot of bigger companies has had a solid impact on that. Coupled with extremely low quality products being carried by local shops, serving artificial flavorings and syrups in Shakes disguised as Smoothies is a challenge to overcome. A lot of people still don’t understand the difference, until they actually try us out. Our products speak for themselves, which is why we have industry leading repeat clientele.

  What is the USP of your brand? Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

  We serve only real and fresh fruit Smoothies, made right in front of your eyes and customizable according to your liking. We back these by offering you sugar free and fat free versions. Sugar free and fat free is impossible to do with syrups or artificial anything. Even the food — sandwiches, burgers, salads, waffles, etc that we do, are all processed in-house as opposed to being sourced from a vendor, to maintain all natural and healthy alternative to traditional fast (junk) food. Our food actually spoils within 2-3 days, rather than it being able to go on for 2 months without the slightest hint of change. That’s when you know, it’s actual food.

  How long was the business operating before it became a franchise network and how long has
the business been franchised?

  We have been operational since September 2014. Completing 4 years now. We are almost through with testing the Indian markets and the challenges to be faced while carving our own niche clientele. We’ve learnt that the masses are ready for our products, which is why we are now looking to start franchising out, to reach customers swiftly.

  What are your expansion plans in the near future?

  Aiming to have up to 15 outlets within Delhi NCR while expanding through area development contracts in other states. Currently, we’ve short listed markets throughout India, in detail, which would enable us to have upto 60 outlets by 2023.

  What are the criteria for choosing a franchise and what are your expectations out of it?

  Self driven, passionate and proactive. Our franchisees are not only our business partners, but also ambassadors of our brand. Initially, for a period of 3 months, they are expected to be running the outlet directly, and handling the staff under them. Once set, they would only need to spend less than 30 hours per week at their outlet(s). Since we would be taking care of their inventory and accounting, it’ll leave them with handling employees and making sure sure that the restaurant is dishing out consistent, quality products.

  How many franchise locations did you open at first and what is the current number of outlets
you have?

  No franchisees. 3 outlets currently.

  Share your franchise facts with us?

  Investment range of between 20L to 35L, depending on menu offerings, location and size of the outlet — the first 3 franchisees in Delhi NCR are being given away at a lower, attractive investment range, where a lot of franchise fee and a good %age of monthly royalty fees is being waived off, for a limited time period

Area needed = 150 sq ft to 1000 sq ft carpet area 

Location preferences = high street, malls, with great visibility and very good accessibility

Franchisee is expected to devote at least 30 hours per week, for the first 3 months, after which, once all processes and staff is settled in, company will take care of providing details of inventory management and sales management on on-going basis, while the franchisee would be needed for internal auditing at the franchised outlet to ensure smooth operations and correct management

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