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InXpress  is a global shipping franchise organization delivering great business services and carrier solutions to small and medium sized businesses for domestic and international businesses.It is a unique and simple business model,yet very effective if you have passion for sales and can work hard ,sky is the limit.It is a great opportunity with comparatively less investment which helps you achieve your goals.The company has DHL as its associate partners as told by the Director of the company Mr. Rosario Baretto.

  Give us an overview of your brand and what inspired you to start it?

  InXpress gives you the opportunity to build a flexible business with the backing and support of a global franchise system. Our scalable franchise opportunity gives you a business that you can build to suit your lifestyle choices.We now have over 40 franchisees Pan India, all with a reputation for their top-quality services, world-class customer care and competitive prices. Our franchisees can choose to make a comfortable living or to achieve comfortable wealth in order to reach their goals and dreams. With strong growth, huge profit potential and low risk, this is the ideal franchise opportunity to put your skills and experience to best use.Our franchise model has been delivering profits for franchisees since 1999 and we’re proud to boast a 93% franchise success rate. We are now a respected partner to global carriers and deliver great results and customer service. With a long history in managing successful businesses, we’re in the best position to train and support our franchisees in running a sales and management franchise. With over 300 franchisees worldwide, you can ensure that we have the systems and processes in place to help you deliver the very best customer service to customers in all corners of the world.

  What is the USP of your brand and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  InXpress is a unique Sales Franchise in the B2B segment offering logistics services of global carriers like DHL Express. InXpress is 20 years old global company with footprint in 13 countries. Our goal for the next 5 years is to become top 3 country in the InXpress global network through exponential growth in the country. We have major plans of expansion and we are looking at covering all Metro and Tier 1 cities through our able Franchise partners and global Carrier partners reach.

  What is the most difficult and the rewarding part of a Global Reseller business model?

  Logistics is a growing segment with huge potential and appetite to reward. As a reseller of major carriers like DHL Express the service offering is second to none which gives a huge upside to our Franchisees when they go in the market not to mention the big pricing advantage that we enjoy as we get bulk discount from our carriers. InXpress Franchisee is an excellent option for someone who loves selling and enjoys running an efficient sales organization.

  How much do you think franchising your business is important for its expansion?

  The core of InXpress model is franchising, and this is what has made us successful globally. Our wide and strong network of highly motivated and enthusiastic Franchisees helps us to offer our clients global reach with a personal touch.

  How long was the business operating before it became a franchise network and how long has the business been franchised?

  Right from day one, we have now 350+ Franchisee worldwide and that’s the heart of our business model.

  What support do you offer beyond the initial training to your franchise?

  InXpress Franchisee Support Centre comprises of various senior resources like Business Coach, Finance and Operations that provide ongoing support to our Franchisees. We work closely with our Franchisees on a monthly basis to ensure they have the right support to be successful.

  Please conclude how your journey has been so far?

  With InXpress Global taking charge of India business since last year the overall outlook of our journey has taken a 360 degree turn. Our Franchisees have bestowed strong faith in the system and are delivering double the efforts. Our relationship with the Carrier is at its peak and are ready to enhance and add new products and services. We have introduced a robust and transparent process for our prospective new Franchisees to help them understand the model and take an educated decision. We are all kicked up on how InXpress India is shaping up and are ready to take on the world!

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