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Meet Tarun Barot, the owner of Indore’s best dance studio

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When you really want something, the entire universe creates strategies and makes sure that you get it. The story of Tarun Barot is a living example of this theory. Series of events had left him with just a thousand rupees in his hands. Today he is living a luxurious life and owns Indore’s best dance […]

Shyamax Presswala talks about his new venture – The Bark Club

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South Mumbai now has its very first pet boarding facility – The Bark Club. Spread over 4500sq feet, Bark Club provides utmost love, care and luxury to its 4-legged guests. Franchisezing got a chance to speak with the man behind this initiative, Shyamax Presswala. Scroll down to know his journey so far. 1.Why did you choose entrepreneurship […]

Harshita Khanna – Once A Google Employee, Now A Successful Home Baker

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Once upon a time, Harshita worked for Google but she left that comfortable job to follow her passion. Today, she owns the successful brand – The Chocolate Haven. We had the luck to have a chat with this talented home baker who is now amongst the best in Delhi city. 1.When did you first realize […]

A conversation with photographer, restaurateur – Disha Saigal

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At just 25, Disha Saigal is a successful photographer and a restaurateur. We asked her a few questions about her entrepreneurial journey. Scroll down to know her story.   1.What made you chose the path of your entrepreneurship? Some things, in life, you choose and some things choose you. Whilst I chose photography, the restaurant business chose […]

Pet Fed’s Founder Akshay Gupta talks about his journey as an entrepreneur

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In just three years, Pet Fed has become an important name in the world of events. We got an opportunity to talk to Akshay Gupta who is the founder of Pet Fed. Scroll down to know what all he said about his brand and experiences. 1.What made you chose the path of entrepreneurship? I am from […]

Meet Roshni Mukherjee who teaches almost 3 Lakh students for free through her channel ExamFear Education

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At a young age, Roshni Mukherjee owns one of India’s Top Free Educational Online Platform – ExamFear Education. In just 6 years, ExamFear has become one of the top names in Indian Education Environment. Today, we bring to you a small chat session that we had with Roshni.   1. Tell us about the journey […]

Piyush Mathur talks about Hielo Beverages new brand – PEAUR

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Hielo Beverages is a reputed firm engaged in manufacturing the finest assortment of high-grade, export quality natural mineral water, natural sparkling water and natural nectar based Fruit Juice. Today we have brought to you a conversation that we had with Hielo’s CMD – Piyush Mathur 1. Tell us about the journey of your brand, PEAUR. “PEAUR” […]

Sumukhi Seth’s Suave Ink gives you an option to get a tattoo in the comfort of your home

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At a young age, Sumukhi Seth from Delhi has brought a huge change in the Tattoo Industry of the city. Her venture – Suave Ink, which is just a year old gives the customers the unique option of getting inked while sitting at their own homes. We got the privilege to interview Sumukhi, scroll down to know […]

Meet the minds behind Broomberg

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Every day lives are getting busier in metro cities. People are too occupied to do many normal chores of life. Identifying this struggle, Samrat Goyal and Ishan Baisoya together in 2013 started Broomberg – the biggest cleaning company in Delhi NCR. We had a small chat with Samrat and his team to know the brand well, the details […]

Mr Arjun Singh of the Wedding Lounge speaks about his brand

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If you have done some wedding shopping for yourself or for the men in your family, you must have heard of the ‘Wedding Lounge by Arjun’.  The studio is located in South Extension Part II and is known to provide some exceptionally well-crafted clothing for men. Today, we bring to you a small interview of […]