“My Dream is to Build a Cancer-Free society”says Mrs. Deeba Arif

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Wheatgrass is a food prepared from the freshly sprouted first leaves of the common wheat plant.It differs from wheat malt in that it is served freeze-dried or fresh. Wheatgrass combats a number of everyday health conditions,including colds,coughs,fevers,digestive problems and skin conditions. Wheatgrass has been potentially used to prevent and treat more serious conditions, from cancer to AIDS.Mrs Deeba along with her husband is running an anti cancer campaign telling about the benefits of Wheatgrass, she says that she has seen miracles happening in front of her eyes.

  Give a brief of your Business/ Organization and how has been your journey so far?

  There was a time when people were only business-oriented and they focused only on the financial aspects of their pursuits, but the world has come to change wherein there are several who strongly believe in genuine earnings and in giving back to the society.My husband and I are not running a “business”or an “organization”. It is just the two of us, and we decided to undertake a semi-social cause given the constraints. Along with my house course we help friends and people understand the value of healthy eating.We are growing wheatgrass and providing it for health benefits. Wheatgrass is grown from wheat berries and when it is five to six inches tall, it is cut, packed, and delivered to health-conscious people, who extract its juice fresh and consume it.Since all over India, vegetables and fruits are grown with chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides, there remains no need to ask the reasons behind so many people suffering from deadly diseases.

Deeba’s wheatgrass is grown indoors in conditions suitable for growth of wheat berries and we are probably the only ones to grow it 24X7. There is no question of any additives, fertilizers, or medicines as home grown ones does not need it. The only fertilizer used is vermicompost made at home from food and vegetable scrapings and dry leaves.The journey so far has been extremely satisfying and the awards are in the form of blessings from all the consumers.

   Tell us about your accomplishment you are most proud of?

  Miracles of wheatgrass have been known from way back in the 1930s. It was Ann Wigmore, a Lithuanian/American “Holistic health practitioner” and “Raw food advocate” who presented lectures and wrote books about the same.We came across her ways of life when unfortunately, my son’s friend, my husband’s senior and one of our senior family friends became prey of the infamous disease – Cancer. After a few months of experience and hard work we got a hang of growing wheatgrass and providing it to them.Some of the Chemotherapy side effects that wheatgrass drastically cures are boils in the mouth and cramps in the feet. Wheatgrass is a super energy booster and superb at hastening the building up of haemoglobin. It has so many benefits for the body that the people who read about it are astonished and the people who experience it are grateful.

It was a remarkable and daunting experience to handle 400 patients and more than a hundred healthy people on a regular basis. There are many Cancer patients and healthy people whose medical reports (on consumption of wheatgrass on regular basis) took me by surprise. An 81-year old Cancer patient (Dadaji as we called him) from Bihar was refused Chemotherapy by the doctors because of low haemoglobin (6.4 gm/dl). His grandson heard about wheatgrass and I started providing it to him. Within 20 days his haemoglobin level reached 8.6 gm/dl and doctors accepted him for the treatment.While Dadaji was undergoing Chemotherapy, it went up to 9.5 mg/dl and then to 11.2 gm/dl and his health improved drastically. The doctors were stunned with the work wheatgrass was doing. One of the most rewarding and satisfying moments of my life has been when Dadaji expressed his gratefulness for feeling like he had been gifted with life again.This is just one of the many miraculous experiences my husband and I have been through. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the feeling of helping others, guiding them and improving their lives.

  What is the USP of your Business/ Organization that distinguishes you from others?

  We come from a sufficiently stable family background. Money has never been a criterion for us. Our way of looking at life is different from others in the sense that we are constant in working hard for the better cause.We believe that this service of ours is a part of our responsibility towards our relatives, friends, neighbors, people who work for us, people who we work with and the society as a whole. I have never had a second thought in asking any stranger on the road to not smoke or chew tobacco.

The origin of wheatgrass was its consumption in the freshest form. Grow, cut and chew or juice and consume immediately.   However, people started growing it with chemical fertilizers and drying it in forsaken places, powdering it and filling it in branded bottles for high prices. We decided never to leave our ways of doing good and kept providing fresh wheatgrass. Our procedure – Grow, harvest, conceal in food grade bags and deliver to be consumed within one week. There is where we are because of not spending on advertisements or marketing, but it still spreads like wildfire because my patients are my biggest advertisers and brand promoters. One more thing make us different from others is my strict dose management and free diet counselling. I never let go of my patients’ hands till they are in good health.

  What do you have to say about the health problem that most of the people face?

   Food is the seed of our existence, food is our surviving string, food is the reason why many people want to live and unfortunately, food is one of the main causes of all of our health problem.Since food producers are craving for more and more economic benefits, they are going to go to any extent to achieve their desires. For example, a bottle of tomato ketchup can be made out of fresh home-grown tomatoes, sugar, salt and some herbs and some spices along with white vinegar which acts as a preservative. But in commercial production, it is made from tomatoes grown from the plant which has been fed with Urea and Dye and DAP along with pesticides and insecticides. They are then harvested raw to promote more production from the same plant. Chemicals such as Calcium carbide, ethephone or oxytocin are applied to artificially ripen it. Now, these chemically ripened tomatoes along with some overripe ones are cooked with three times more sugar or saccharin which is a sweet chemical. Salt and spices are added and then comes in the TOXIC red 40 color (News on that is – the center wants the FDA to ban certain dyes and the highly recommended ones are yellow 5 and red 40).

We can understand the pathetic condition of why such a huge number of Indian citizens are suffering from health problems and chronic diseases and the sad side is that they don’t even realize what they are serving themselves in their plates. The taste buds take over the functioning of the brain and the deal is closed. Tomato ketchup was just an example but look at every food item in the same manner and decide for yourself and for the sake of your family.

It is reasonable to say that most of us can grow tomatoes at home, but I would also say that we must be sensible while choosing our food items at the supermarket. Those who can afford it should keep a gardener and grow their vegetables at home.

  How can someone find out more about the work you are doing?

   I am in the process of developing a blog by the name of “Deeba’s Wheatgrass” which shall be a portal for people to get acquainted with my research work. I also head a WhatsApp Group for daily health notifications. My patients are free to post their queries on the same at 9800871359.

  What is the inspiration for your Business/ Organization and where do you see yourself in the coming years?

  What inspires us is that there is a need of the hour to serve the society and save it from the grip of poor health and misinformation and we feel that someone has to stand up to support. Definitely, it is the unlimited faith in Deeba’s Wheatgrass shown by friends and patients that keeps us going on.

Our aim is to disseminate the knowledge of Wheatgrass in such a manner that even the healthiest of the lot understands its value and consumes it on a daily basis so that they remain healthy.We shall be happiest when we finally see every house owning a Wheatgrass Juicer and citizens understanding the remarkable and miraculous benefits of Wheatgrass. People are gradually becoming aware of these benefits and in a few years, Deeba’s Wheatgrass shall ideally own a special place in every household refrigerator.

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