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Sesame Preschool Seeks Partners Across India

Preschool-logo Launched in the United States of America, Sesame’s mix of media and learning revolutionized television in 1969, becoming the most-watched children’s programme in history with a proven record of success. More than 1,000 studies show that Sesame Street reaches children across many countries and cultures in every demographic group, and that preschoolers who watch do significantly better on a whole range of cognitive outcomes. Sesame Street Preschool brings this advantage to the Indian preschool space. Combining the best Sesame Street and Galli Galli Sim Sim ( the Hindi adapt of Sesame Street) curriculum, content and methodology we aim to change the paradigm of preschool education in India.  Our advantages are:

  • Our research. The foundation of all of our efforts. Sesame’s in-school learning and teaching programs are fueled by thousands of hours of globally acclaimed child-tested Sesame Street educational material – thoroughly tested for educational efficacy and thoroughly tested for engagement, a proven way to help lessons stick.
  • A curriculum that brings together best practices from around the world to build 21st century skills of imagination, critical thinking, communication and collaboration to help children become global citizens.
  • Our commitment to individualized learning. Children’s educational needs can vary widely, as teachers well know. So, we’re giving teachers smarter ways and resources that span from workbooks, games, audio visual to digital, to ensure each child gets the lessons and they needs to learn.
  • Extending the learning continuum to the home. Research and long experience shows that when parents are involved in education, children simply learn better. So through our television show and our online tools we inspire teachers and parents to extend learning into children’s everyday lives and living rooms.
  • Great emphasis on child protection and safety, positive role modelling, inclusion, and mutual respect and understanding.
  • Finally, the not-so-secret ingredient of Sesame’s success—engagement. For 44 years, we’ve pioneered ingenious ways to enliven children’s learning. Using laughter, friendship and age-appropriate storytelling, our Muppets demonstrate difficult concepts in ways that are easy to grasp—and totally irresistible to kids. Muppet-driven media will help teachers inject more fun (and ‘aha’ moments) into their classrooms.

Partner With Us

We are looking for partners who share our vision and enthusiasm for quality preschool education. Sesame Street Preschool is eager to create symbiotic relationships with all who believe in a paradigm shift in preschool education to make it more holistic. Here’s how we can associate:

We offers our partners the following support:

  • Complete operational assistance and guidelines in setting up the centre.
  • Policies and guidelines for all aspects of the business.
  • Furniture, teaching aids and library books are supplied by the company.
  • Marketing support on a continuous basis.

o   Continuous visibility through the Galli Galli Sim Sim television show, broadcast 6 days a week on Pogo and Doordarshan channels

o   Online marketing and PR

o   Marketing support during launch

o   All marketing creative artworks are provided by the company.

  • Assistance in the recruitment of Centre Head and Educators.
  • Induction training to franchise owner and academic staff.
  • Specially created educator resource, the Sesame Street Kit, for educators to transact the curriculum.
  •  On -site and ongoing online and telephonic training throughout the year.

Franchise Requirements:

  • Minimum 2000 sq. covered ground floor space with 500 – 1000 sq. of open area.
  • Should be located in a residential area or approved preschool zone.
  • People with a passion to provide a high quality educational experience to children.
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