Chicago Pizza Wins the Best Pizza Award for India

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 CHICAGO PIZZA is a take away chain of Pizza. Our mainProducts include Pizza, Sandwich, Hotdog and Pasta, other than the side orders like garlic bread and Sundaes.We have Hot and Cold beverages such as the patented Monster Fizz, Gingerale, lemonade, Ice tea Cold Coffee, Coke etc. The operational are process oriented and with the automated […]

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A Definite Choice for those Midnight Ice Cream Stops-HAWTE

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  In such a competitive foodies’ hub comes this latest ice cream joint that will win your heart! Experimental more than you can think of and quality conscious beyond measures, the ice creams at Hawte are made in slow churned process right in front of you and have some of the most unique flavours. Options […]

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Drink Smart ,Live Well :Smoothie Valley

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Smoothies are versatile drink combinations of base ingredients such as yogurt,along with fruits or vegetables and added nutrients. These function as a breakfast, on the go , a hearty liquid lunch or a between meal snack.Smoothies are often served at fitness center juice bars and stand alone shops. Arjun Khera the Director of Smoothie Valley […]

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ORGAFIT- Organic Grocery Store leading to Chemical Free India

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India today is on the threshold of an organic revolution and we have experienced a steadfast growth in past few years. The country’s Organic food market is transforming into world’s fastest growing organic food market backed by a shift in consumer’s behavior and spending patterns. ORGAFIT is a company which is one of the fastest […]

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