A Tele-Shopping Company -Pioneer in Healthcare Research Products

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World Health Care Mart  founded in the year 2017 is a pioneer in healthcare research products in India and offers  high quality Healthcare products and solutions for some of the problems like diabetes (which is occurring commonly today) at very affordable prices.In an interview with the Director of the company Mr. Mayank Bagdi, discussed about […]

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“Franchisezing” under top 3 business consultancy firms in India.

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Beginning a little business by acquiring franchisee of an established brand is a well known practice.A franchisee maintains a claim business of selling products and services of the brand.It utilizes the trademarks and support of the franchisor and consequently pays an underlying expense and ongoing royalties.Not only this  but proper research and analysis must be […]

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Farheen Akram: A Socialpreneur

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Autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. Regardless of it being a serious issue the company has managed to make everyone comfortable talking about it. People are shy in discussing when it comes to things like autism but, THE WINGS LEARNING CENTRE has done an amazing and a […]

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Advantages of Having a Partner in Franchisee

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A good partnership makes any task at hand much easier. When you have the right partner with you, you not just have the correct state of mind but also a lot more surety of what you are doing. Therefore many entrepreneurs encourage people to buy a franchisee in partnership. Here is a list of advantages […]

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How to buy a Franchisee?

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Well, the first thought that comes to your mind when you consider buying a franchisee is how to go about it. Considering that it is an important decision of your entrepreneurial journey, one must take a lot of care while walking on this path. Here is a guide that will help you make the right […]

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5 Lessons To Learn From The Mistakes Made By First Time Franchisees

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When we are new at something, we are bound to make mistakes. Experience alone makes us better at what we do. But there is another thing that we must always take notice of – the mistakes made by others. When we learn from the errors of other people, we at least do not make the […]

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9 ways to be a more confident franchisor

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There are multiple options for expanding a business. To be honest, franchising is amongst the safest of all. It is cost effective, requires less regulation and comes with an inspired workforce. Having said that, we do understand that even when you chose the safest road, there is bound to be confusion and uncertainty in the […]

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9 ways to convince your family to accept your choice of Franchise

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In India, all major decisions require the approval of your family. Be it a career, marriage, business or the choice of a franchise, your family wants to be a part of everything. Hence convincing them to accept your decision can be a taxing task. Therefore, to help you out with this struggle, we have 9 […]

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7 Tips To Become A Great Boss

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Buying a franchise is just the initial step. The real battle begins when you sign those agreement papers. You are flooded with responsibilities, agendas, you are accountable for everything, you have to face the competition, in short, there is a lot on your platter to worry about. At times like these, people often forget to […]

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5 things to check to know if you are investing in a profitable franchise

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Starting a business is always a little scary. There are a lot of risks involved and therefore it is always advisable to know what you are getting into. When you do proper research and check, you’ll eliminate the risk to a large extent. Today, we have for you 5 points that you must consider to […]

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