Yappy foods: Unique Combination of taste and hygiene

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Yappy foods is one of the most exotic fast food brands which offers a dynamic combination of great taste, with hygiene and authenticity. If you are looking for franchise opportunity in fast food sector then there are many brands present in food industry which are thriving very profitably in the market and Yappy foods is perhaps the best out of the best when it comes to deliver premium and well balanced tasteful products which is no easy thing to achieve. Yet Yappy foods has achieved it and has maintained it’s taste in an extremely well manner in all this time. This is the trait of the brand which is looking for long term profits and connections.

The Concept

The modus operandi of Yappy foods is to provide its customers with the most iconic and most delicious fast food products. Yappy foods is offering its franchise to the potential buyers and is looking for expansion of its franchise on PAN-INDIA basis with an ambition to grow at a much more rapid yet strong manner retaining its foot hold in the states and cities like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

The Franchisee Support

Perfect business model: Yes that is what we at Yappy foods believe to give to our franchisees backed by our maximum support. Yappy foods ensures that there is no stone left un-turned in the process of helping our franchisees in making the right business decisions. Yappy foods has this unique and profitable mantra of being competitive in the market and providing the same kind of services as well which helps it in retaining the customers developing a sort of brand integrity and brand loyalty. Yappy foods is definitely among the top players in the food industry and is set to perhaps break some records for the same on financial terms. The proof of it is that Yappy foods has got 100+ fast food franchise outlets spanning all over India. This numerical figure shows the pace at which this exceptional fast food brand is growing.

Why only Yappy foods franchise?

Yappy foods offers an unique business model to its franchisees along with an exceptionally variety of tasteful products ranging from burgers, Pizzas, Parathas, nuggets to wraps, rolls, mocktails.

Yappy believes in providing exceptional ambience to its customers which makes them feel very comfortable and easy and what better combination of the well concocted concoction of great ambience with extremely tasteful fast food products. That’s what Yappy foods is all about.

If you want to start your own Yappy foods franchise then you would be needing an investment budget of about 7-8 lakhs and the minimum area requirement of about 150 square feet.

The Yappy foods USP’s

1) Unique Business Franchise Model- Yappy foods offers a very profitable and very unique business franchise model which has been tried and tested again and again and every time it has proven to be a successful one.

2) Excellent margins – Yappy foods provide excellent business margins which makes it a very lucrative business franchise opportunity.

3) One of the fastest growing fast food brand- It wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Yappy foods is one of the fastest growing fast food brands offering a very unique set of USP’s

4) Hygienic and most Authentic fast food products- Yappy foods works in a completely hygienic and the most authentic environment. Yappy foods offers the most authentic and absolutely delicious fast food products at very nominal rates taking into account the financial status of most of the people of our country.

The FranchiseZing factor

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