India’s Leading Chain Of Multi-Brand 2 Wheeler Workshop

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A brand new concept to provide solutions to your 2 wheeler service needs for all brands under one roof. We provide AMC (Annual Maintenances Contract), Paid Service, Major Jobs, Accidental repairs, Engine oil change and minor jobs etc. Also Insurance renewal, Pickup & drop, Road side assistance and customised service. Join us to enjoy trouble free ride. We had the Interview with Mr.Kapil Bhindi from Speedforce .

Start by telling us why have you picked this sector, and how has your journey been so far?

While me and my partner Deepen Barai were working in corporate in the year 2011 we always had to start a business and it was always in the back of our mind to start a unique business in service industry wherein we would be able to create entrepreneurs and empower people to generate employment with this to serve the customer in best possible way. The first thing which came into our mind and which is still and will be our prime focus forever will be customer service and always our business will run around it. As a result we started surveying various businesses and in the process we found out that two wheeler which is the most integral part of Indian mobility should be targeted and most importantly the service industry of two wheeler segment in multi brand was completely unorganized and we decided TO ORGANIZE THE UNORGANISED by starting our first workshop on our own. In the initial days we had to face a challenge of customer acceptance of our concept coz we started providing customer services like pick up and drop from customer’s premises, on road breakdown support, insurance renewal and claim services and other various unique services from single window and that too with cost effective pricing, but we kept on going and focussed on giving best possible customer service which was the only thing that helped us making a good network and the journey so far has been very eventful, lot of learning, steady growth and now we hope to grow on what we have sowed.

Tell us about the USP of your brand and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Speedforce is the only company providing multi brand two wheeler service franchisee in the country which has unique customer service like pickup and drop facility, onroad breakdown support, insurance support, annual maintenance contracts, special\exclusive warranty program on parts, live service broadcasting and much more. We are the only company to provide a thorough professional approach towards multi brand two wheeler servicing and repairs by creating entrepreneurs with a low cost high revenue model. Till now we have been successful in implementing our thoughts into actions and with a current market presence in almost all 4 zones, 6 states and around 16 cities in the country we are targeting our presence in almost all cat b, cat c cities of the country and serve maximum number of customers of our nation. In next 5 years speedforce is looking to reach atleast 350 outlets nationwide.

How long was the business operating before it became a franchise network and how long has the business been franchised?

We started this business with our very own first workshop in 2012 and we came into franchising in the year 2017.

What are the criteria for choosing a franchise and what are your expectations out of it?

The first thing we look out of many criterias while selecting a franchisee prospect is that he or she should be out of the domain as we being out of domain in our initial days we know how easy it is to grow with a very clear mindset, the other important aspect the prospect should be from business background preferably. We set a very clear expectation from day one that whosoever is opting for our franchisee should dedicate him\herself to this business and grow and run the business own self which helps in providing best customer service directly from the owner.

What kind of training and support do you offer to the franchise?

Speedforce in particular is an enabler to the franchisee we play a supportive and a role of a coach to the franchisee in each and every aspect of running the business while we are into providing entire business model and not only creating workshop we provide time to time various training support to franchisee like technical, business operations, financial, management, customer service and alongwith this handholding is done thoughout the term at various stages by providing activity and marketing support.

How do you see the future of the industry you are in and what are your future strategies?

In a country like india where two wheeler is of top most priority the service industry of two wheeler will exist till the last 2 wheeler exist on the planet. We have planned to create our outlet in the last mile of this country and we have already started execution on it.

Please share the franchise facts of your brand with us?

Total 42 outlets including franchisee, company owned and group workshops with presence in around 16 cities, 6 states in the country.

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