Food Biz With A Real Taste of India, Meal Factory

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1964 MEAL FACTORY is India’s 1 st owned premium DINE- IN & DARK KITCHEN Brand. Having originated a new and exciting products varieties and more…The 1964 MEAL FACTORY brand experience can be clearly seen in our amazing store environment, which is informative, colorful and always entertaining. Our customers love our staff (1964 MEAL FACTORY) and […]

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Belgians Waffwich opens another Outlet in Ahmedabad

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The Belgians Waffwich is one of the primary Waffle Specialty stations in India that offers an extraordinary, on the go waffle sandwich made new at their waffle stations with their specially formulated egg-less batter and premium fillings.Founded in 2015, the company strives to constantly innovate while staying true to its values of excellence, simplicity and affordability. Opening a new […]

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