A Committed member of Software Development and Recruitment Organization- PAS Bird Technology

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  Pas-Bird Pvt Ltd has been in operation since 2015 which makes a common platform for employees and employer form us one of longest running privately owned permanent,temporary recruitment and software development. We provide services across a wide range of industries.Pas-Bird Pvt Ltd is committed member of software development and Recruitment organization the peak body […]

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JIGSAW-“We believe in fun and learning together”.

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The Cooperative learning strategy known as ‘Jigsaw’ technique helps students create their own learning.The jigsaw approach brings lessons to life.The Jigsaw classroom is a learning technique that reduces racial conflict among school children, promotes better learning,improves student motivation and increases enjoyment of the learning experience.We Believe in fun and learning together  as told by the Director of […]

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Identify your Inborns Talent : Multiple Intelligence

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  Intelligence is the capacity to do something useful in the society in which we live.It is the ability to respond successfully to new situations and the capacity to learn from one’s past experiences.Multiple Intelligence follows the same and  is the  No. 1 company in DMIT sector in India with continuous growth in it’s sales volume […]

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Shaping Careers since 1935 : The British Institute

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The British Institute is India’s one of the oldest and finest Career building institute.The Institute provides spoken English courses with exclusive course material from Oxford university press and CEFR based assessment.It is Indias no.1 Institute of spoken English franchising.In an interview with Mr. Jayant,the COO of The British Institute,told us that we are the pioneer […]

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Dont just Teach,make a Difference: Nishant Niramohi

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Education is the process of facilitating learning ,acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits.Education in today’s world is perhaps the single most important means for individuals to improve personalities,overcome constraints and enlarge the available set of opportunities.The process of education impacts on all aspects of life,hence its very important. Nishant  Niramohi the Director of […]

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