Samar Shail Natural Farms: Grown by Nature!

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With a working force of 26 ( 20 women and 6 men ), Mr. Himkar Mishra spends 10 hours at his natural organic farm trying to help everyone around to live a fit lifestyle. This has been an amazing opportunity for us to interview him as he is an outstanding inspiration to everyone wanting to […]

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Providing the Sturdy Performance Pumps – GGM PUMPS

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Water and pumps are blended together in our history. For centuries pumps have been used to get drinking water out of the ground. In Old days manually or animal operated water wheels have been doing the role of motor pumps. Water is an important resource for our life. All human beings, animals, and birds required […]

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Delicious Eggless Cake’s without Compromising the Quality-The Bake Shop

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Bakery products are gaining popularity day by day. Young generation mostly prefer the bakery products.Many bakery products are nutritive and have become important part of diet of the people. In modern days bakery products are becoming one of the most essential food items in human diet due to ready made availability and high nutritive value.The Bake […]

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Futuristic Experiential Learning Company – Field Tripers

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THE BRAINS BEHIND   Nakul Wagde   Hitesh Gautam Field Tripers is  an experiential learning company which create and design programs that enable students to learn through exploration, curiosity and active participation.One of The Co- Founder of the company is Mr.Hitesh Gautam who is an  Alumnus from IIT Delhi & IIM Lucknow, He handles product development […]

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5 Lessons To Learn From The Mistakes Made By First Time Franchisees

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When we are new at something, we are bound to make mistakes. Experience alone makes us better at what we do. But there is another thing that we must always take notice of – the mistakes made by others. When we learn from the errors of other people, we at least do not make the […]

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7 Tips To Become A Great Boss

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Buying a franchise is just the initial step. The real battle begins when you sign those agreement papers. You are flooded with responsibilities, agendas, you are accountable for everything, you have to face the competition, in short, there is a lot on your platter to worry about. At times like these, people often forget to […]

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HELPING YOU FIND ANSWERS: IS THIS RIGHT FOR ME? AM I READY FOR THIS? Why the Workshop: Over the past 12 years of their work, Antal International has helped professionals come off the corporate treadmill and make entrepreneurship a way of life. Time and again, Antal International have found a vast majority of these professionals […]

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