Veg Bites- Revolutionizing Veg Food

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Incepted as a dream of a college-going food entrepreneur in 2009 with the first ever outlet at Treasure Island Mall, Indore; Mr. Shubham Shukla has always been a passionate food connoisseur, who always knew he had to make it BIG in the Food and Beverages sector. As a sole proprietor with 4 outlets at Central […]

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Delicious Eggless Cake’s without Compromising the Quality-The Bake Shop

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Bakery products are gaining popularity day by day. Young generation mostly prefer the bakery products.Many bakery products are nutritive and have become important part of diet of the people.┬áIn modern days bakery products are becoming one of the most essential food items in human diet due to ready made availability and high nutritive value.The Bake […]

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Art is one of the most un-scalable things known to humans. Creating great art is not easy hence we have very few greats like Michelangelo or Da Vinci. Of course their art can now be easily replicated using technology like photography and printing but if someone has to recreate it from scratch without using technology, […]

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