Dream of Building the largest restaurant Brand selling Indian food- PETOO

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Data from food marketplaces indicates that an average consumer in an Indian city consumes Indian food almost 80% of the time he/she eats! Of course, this number will be lower for consumers who have the exposure and access to international cuisine but it’s a fact that for Indians, their native food occupies maximum space in […]

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Tired of Chef’s Ruling Restaurant’s,Here’s RETORT PACKAGING

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It can be exhausting when you have to bow down to your chef’s dictate with the fear of losing him and inducing loses for days at a stretch. Meanwhile, finding yourself a new chef and getting into the process of training him all over again can be painful whilst there is no guarantee that he […]

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Organic ways to improve content engagement on social media by Petoo

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In a small village in Karnataka, Ritesh’s mom is smart with her cooking, planning a few meals which would help her feed the whole family for an entire week. Today we shall take the lessons from Ritesh’s mom’s kitchen and get ideas on how to improve the content engagement on social media. So, here are […]

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