Roms Pizza- Happiness is a Pizza Biz..!

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We had an Interview with the Managing Partner of the Company, Mr. Mayank Rastogi . Start by telling us why have you picked this sector, and how has your journey been so far? We have picked the sector considering previous work experience of 9+ years with Dominos India. We wanted to launch own pizza brand by […]

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Chicago Pizza Wins the Best Pizza Award for India

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┬áCHICAGO PIZZA is a take away chain of Pizza. Our mainProducts include Pizza, Sandwich, Hotdog and Pasta, other than the side orders like garlic bread and Sundaes.We have Hot and Cold beverages such as the patented Monster Fizz, Gingerale, lemonade, Ice tea Cold Coffee, Coke etc. The operational are process oriented and with the automated […]

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