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Mexican Cuisines (India) Private Limited
Established 2012
Franchise Started 2014
Owned Outlets 2
Franchise Outlets 0
Investment Requirement 10,00,001 - 15,00,000
Space Requirement 550

Brand Profile

Mexican Rodeo is India’s First Truly Mexican QSR, based out of Surat (GUJARAT). The food is reminiscent of traditional Mexican favorites and Fast food creations that the world has loved. The theme of Mexican Rodeo is neither a fast food joint nor a restaurant but a combination of both. That is why we call ourselves a Fast Casual Restaurant. The wide range of freshly prepared produce that we use and our carefully crafted signature recipes are the things that make us stand apart in our endeavors. Walk in to a Mexican Rodeo and transport yourself into the Mexican plains. Experience the fresh and rustic appeal of Mexico in your very own city.

Mexican Rodeo is offering its franchise system to individuals / organizations that want to explore the possibilities of the food business but do not want to limit themselves to the same band wagon of frozen, bland food chains. We stand for the fresh & simple tastes and flavors that are a delight to everyone who has our food.

Why to take a franchise of Mexican Rodeo?
- Hearty business focusing on a very distinct cuisine and the over all appeal towards freshness and heartiness in its offerings
- Young, vibrant team of enthusiastic individuals who have a strong business sense and science behind the development of the model
- Well recognized business format that has a strong and wide consumer appeal.
- High quality, attractive product lines and a one of its kind fast food + dining experience
- Robust operations and business management structure that will leave no scope for errors
- Highly tuned, tried and tested systems (removing the scope for speculation in the business for franchise partners)
- A culture of shared success and respect; putting our franchise partners first by believing in their success first
- Professional, reputable and experienced management and operations team

Desired Franchisee Profile:
- Passion for food business, having fun and satisfying people
- Thirst for knowledge and a willingness to undertake vigorous training and development
- Positive attitude, a high level of energy and charisma and the ability to relate well with staff and customers and maintain an upbeat atmosphere
- Sound management and administrative skills and strong computer literacy
- Desire to be recognized on basis of quality and standards over anything else!
- Excellent leadership and communication skills

Franchisor Support:
- Raw material supplies
- Chain Operations Support & Monitoring
- Marketing Support (Advisory and Implementation)
- Ongoing Operational Support
- Effective advertising, promotion and publicity support

Mexican Rodeo Franchisee Benefits:
- Excellent Returns on Investment
- Complete assistance in Franchise development and design
- Franchisee doesn't have to worry about the common hassles of the food business like purchasing, staffing etc. (Company provides Expert level assistance)
- The scope for growth is UNLIMITED as the company is also open for various suggestions towards a mutual and proactive growth where the franchise partners have a say in the new introductions.

YOUR Talent and Dedication towards the business and its systems along with OUR expertise and extensive support programs bring US together towards a successful and everlasting association.
- It’s Recession Proof
- It’s Fun
- It’s Enjoyable
- Every day is a Learning Experience
- Life Becomes Happening
And Above All

For those of you, who want us to get in touch with you, kindly fill up the Franchise Inquiry form and send it to us so that we can help you in choosing a correct business model for you and your location.

The business proposition is free from any technicalities or complexities; we have simplified it extensively to enable you to transition easily to own a successful business system.

We are also looking at associating with Master Franchisees, Area Developers and Cluster Franchisees, so whatever scale of business you want to go ahead with us, there is an option for you.

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Single Unit Investment for MEXICAN RODEO

Sl Heading Description
1 Expected Investment 10,00,001 - 15,00,000
2 Investments Includes Franchise Fee: 200000
Equipments: 750000
Furniture and Fixtures: 400000
Advertising / Marketing: 150000
3 Capital Investment
4 Expected Payback Period 1.5 Years
5 Expected ROI More than 500% in 5 Years
6 Other Investment needed

Master Franchise Investment for MEXICAN RODEO

Sl Heading Description
1 Expected Investment 30,00,001 - 50,00,000
2 Franchise Fee
3 Investments Includes Furniture and Fixtures:
Advertising / Marketing:
4 Capital Investment

Important Points for MEXICAN RODEO Franchise

Sl Heading Description
1 Franchise Training Program Training Program available for the franchisee
Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
2 Franchise Training Venue Franchise Site
3 Franchise available in Regions Central
4 Area/Site Preference
5 Minimum Floor Area needed 550
6 Term of Franchise Agreement 5
Franchise Agreement is renewable
7 Other Important Points Minimum Guarantee given:
Facility provided: 750000
Master Franchise Available
Site Select Help given

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