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Franchise Zing is a company which works far beyond the consulting center, in an industry which is blossoming in India and outside at a quite appreciable rate. With the team of expertise, we thrive to create a secure platform, for you, where business is generated for long-term prosperity. We are not only aiming to cater successful business entities to expand their growth across franchise industry, but also helping the small and medium businesses to get their roots strong under knowledgeable shelter.

Besides, we work in progress with verified brands to crop up as many business opportunities for the potential investors, who desire to start their own franchise business.

In nutshell, we, with the experience of decades, look forth to construct a bridge with right services to connect franchisors and franchisees, hence making way for opportunities to explore.

Our task

In franchise arena, which is vast and impressive, we place ourselves as a road-maker for various businesses striving to expand, with franchisees as their potent business partners. The businesses which are active under this industry comprise diverse categories such as retail, real estate, education, health & spa, food & beverages, hospitality etc. We equip various tools which indeed are the mediums to deliver what you are seeking for, that is growth.

Our sole objective is to work in interest of brands and investors, making it easy for them to meet and stitch business relations for future growth, with the contribution of our knowledge, experiences, and services.


Franchise Zing
239, West End Marg
Near Saket Metro Station,
MB Road
New Delhi – 110030

Phone: +91-9717899655
Email: info@franchisezing.com



Franchise Zing
UGF 322, Shopping Square,
Sector D, SS=2, Sushant Golf City,
Lucknow- 226030
Uttar Pradesh

Phone: +91-9198019666

  1. Aditya pare


    We have a mall in prime location of Hoshangabad M.P. and we are looking for franchise of vishal mega mart in our mall on one years free rentel base,

    Kindly contact if your need to know more details-9340125282

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