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Apec India
Established 2010
Franchise Started 2016
Owned Outlets 1
Franchise Outlets 7
Investment Requirement 2,00,001 - 5,00,000
Space Requirement

Brand Profile

The Display Company
APEC is an iconic brand today. In the sea of Sony and Samsung and multiple other brands, it is the only young brand that customers are so passionate about. We don't waste money on brand ambassadors, if you do then you belong to another century. In today's digital age, it's all about what your network of friends and colleagues recommend. And it is always about rising above. APEC is the brand of that generation – people who dare to take chances, who would rather stand out than fit in, who understand quality by looking at it and work hard get to best.

We have always been ahead of the competition when it comes to launching the latest technology. We have a young team who is dynamic and edgy and gets bored fast. So whether it was launching the country's first A+ grade panels in 2008, the Intelligent TV in 2009, Telepresence in 2010 or even with our range of 4K TVs last year, you can always expect to be pleasantly surprised.

So what's new this year? Something for everyone.

Frustrated of canned content? Our TVs seam with YouTube. Looking for a gamer's dream machine? Try our Viewcast feature. Can't hear the dialogue? Add our TVisT Speakers.

From 18" to 85", we have a vast range of superb televisions and display products. And we invite you to be a part of this select club of APECers. Because you know genius when you see it!

From the CEO's Desk

Hiren Patel, CEO & Founder , APEC Technologies
What makes APEC special ?
Is it high-tech? Intelligent? The technology?

It's the entire experience of owning something world class, made by people who are passionate and delivered to people to actually care that you enjoy what they've made. After a long day at work, I enjoy unwinding in front of my sleek APEC TV. It always has something special, something fun.. depends on what I am feeling.

If my friends and I are being playful, we have the karaoke or the gesture controlled games. If we feel daring, it's the sharp picture quality of a 4K TV and the latest crime thriller. If I want inspiration, it's everything I get on YouTube at the click of a button

There is so much I get out of my APEC TV. And it is such a joy to be part of this amazing company that my team and I built together. When I meet people who come up to me and say “hey! We are new APECers and we love our 65 TV".. or even when I have worked with Vogue's Empower campaign on giving APEC displays to non-profit organizations to share knowledge for their bit of joy and entertainment.

It's such a wonder to see the limitless joy our products bring to people. It's what keeps us passionate to keep trying, testing, benchmarking products so that more people are part of the APEC family. It's really a family. The people who work here – mostly young and incredibly driven, or the partners who see us as different from traditional electronics brands, or even children who walk into our store and giving their parents a demonstration of high technology!

We are constantly looking for inspiration to create something memorable. The world is full of wonder and this wonder is so beautifully experienced looking at it in millions of myriad colours on APEC TVs. So let's say this – our products, our team, our customers.. it's a wonderful world at APEC!

What is Luxury? Something expensive - or something else?
Luxury, according to the APEC team, is an indulgence. It need not be expensive, but it MUST make you feel special.
APEC believes in this indulgence, and how important it is to celebrate or reward ourselves with nothing but the best. Therefore, at APEC Televisions, each TV is meticulously manufactured and passed through multiple quality tests so that only the best A+ grade panels reach your living room. We constantly push our New Product Development team, which has been modeled on the Human Factor's Approach mastered by the MIT Media lab, to create products that can be upgraded or even customized. Content is driving entertainment, and sharing information is the new way of being social. So APEC doesn't just give you access to cable TV and set top boxes for you to indulge in the world's content, we add a PC or a Mac or Android to to your TV so that you can easily access the best content that is important to you. We work hard to create TVs that connect on Wifi so that the world is on your fingertips, through your remote.

People often believe that luxury is another term for overpriced products. But luxury is a feeling. After years of system research and training, APEC set up the first Certified Customer Support center for televisions in the country. From personalized demonstrations to emergency support to monsoon-proofing your TV, we make sure that owning a APEC product is as pleasurable as indulging in its brilliance.

Yet, as I mentioned, luxury is not something expensive. Founded in 2006, APEC mastered the art of "affordable luxury" by reducing our distribution channels and reaching directly to customers through retail stores, and now online. That means you save up to 40% on the best quality televisions, simply because we don't have a complicated and expensive distribution chain.

We care for our customers, and they love our brand too. We don't need film stars telling you to purchase a APEC TV because thousands of loyal APEC-ers [as we like to call everyone who is part of the APEC family] have consistently rated APEC as the best TV on multiple online and press reviews. The journey to our success is paved with this deep understanding of creating quality products. It is upgrading our range to match the latest technology even before our competitors get their hands on it. It is being tough on ourselves to step up our own game. Every member of the APEC family believes in creating this luxurious indulgence. Every geeky engineer or enthusiastic sales person is committed to creating your luxury television experience. Luxury isn't just a word , it is a belief that we all share as a team.

Thank you for considering APEC for your ultimate television indulgence, and thank you for making us the pioneer of luxury technology.

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Single Unit Investment for APEC

Sl Heading Description
1 Expected Investment 2,00,001 - 5,00,000
2 Investments Includes Franchise Fee: 25000
Equipments: 275000
Furniture and Fixtures:
Advertising / Marketing:
3 Capital Investment 300000
4 Expected Payback Period monthly
5 Expected ROI
6 Other Investment needed

Master Franchise Investment for APEC

Sl Heading Description
1 Expected Investment 15,00,001 - 20,00,000
2 Franchise Fee 100000
3 Investments Includes Furniture and Fixtures: 150000
Advertising / Marketing: 100000
4 Capital Investment 1500000

Important Points for APEC Franchise

Sl Heading Description
1 Franchise Training Program Training Program available for the franchisee
Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
2 Franchise Training Venue Franchise Site
3 Franchise available in Regions Central
4 Area/Site Preference
5 Minimum Floor Area needed
6 Term of Franchise Agreement
Franchise Agreement is renewable
7 Other Important Points Minimum Guarantee given:
Facility provided: 275000
Master Franchise Available
Site Select Help given

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