6 Ways To Market Your Franchisee

Marketing a Franchisee isn’t a piece of cake. Unfortunately, not all franchise owners understand this. A well-established brand already has a massive social media presence and enjoys a good amount of goodwill. This asset earned by the brand over the years is further enjoyed by all the franchisees.

When the brand does any kind of marketing, the benefits of it can be earned by any franchisee. In order to get an upper hand and make sure that it is your franchisee, which benefits the most, you ought to take extra efforts. Here is a list of things you can do.

  1. Social media presence

The brand will have its own accounts but you as a franchisee need separate ones which will have your location name as the suffix. Make sure that all these platforms are managed well and that they are filled with regular uploads. Use Facebook and Google reviews too to generate more attention.


  1. Do not use Google AdWords if you don’t have a separate webpage

Many franchisees make this mistake. They make huge investments in Google AdWords forgetting that all the traffic gets directed to the main page of the brand and is thus enjoyed by all franchisee holders. Till the time you do not have a separate webpage with your franchisee location, stay away from Google AdWords.

  1. Word of mouth

This is the oldest way of marketing and still does wonders to a business. Make sure that you treat all the customers well so that they go back and praise your franchisee in front of anybody they know.

  1. Pamphlets

This is yet another old form of marketing. Try distributing pamphlets advertising your franchisee through a newspaper distributor or hire an individual for the same task. Hiring someone specifically for this should be preferred as many times, pamphlets get lost in between the many papers of a newspaper.

  1. Offers

Offers are one thing that can allure almost everybody. Make sure that when customers come to you to avail discounts, you treat them in the best possible manner. They are the same people who will come back to your franchisee if you manage to leave a mark.

  1. Follow Up

Make follow up calls to customers informing them about latest services and offers. To the customers who weren’t satisfied in the first visit, pay extra attention and try to rectify past errors.

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