Wok on Fire: Franchise Opportunity you can’t refuse


Q1Please tell us about the inspiring journey of your brand Wok on Fire? What were the ups and downs which you faced through pulling off your brand? 

Ans: –The hunger for developing a unique concept specifically in the industry of Food & Beverages with a Toss of Chinese Cuisines, the 3 very close foodie friends as well as  apparel tycoon of western India planted the seed of ………………………. ‘‘WOK ON FIRE’’

The 1st brick was placed at Parle Point on January ‘25th’2012 in Surat with an idea of providing excellent Food & Customers service, the chain has now spread over Western-India with restaurants in 3 States, present in major cities like [Vadodara, Ahmedabad], serving our customers Indo-Chinese and Indo-Pan Asian cuisines in Quick-Service Restaurant and Fine-Dine Restaurant formats. Our delivery service follows the East-Asian bike culture and is an Eco-friendly and quick way to get your delicious food delivered to your home!

WOK ON FIRE is a chain of restaurants serving PURE VEGETARIAN food to its patrons. Our Founders respect the sanctity of all lives and believe that vegetarianism is a healthy lifestyle. We also cater to the needs of our Jain patrons. Our chefs identify the most important components in a dish and prepare the same with Jain ingredients to make sure that our Jain patrons never have to compromise on taste!

Q2What is the USP of your brand Wok on Fire?

Ans: – The Theory of Introducing the 1st Veg- Chinese chain of restaurant in India with uniqueness on:-

  • Vegetarian
  • Authentic
  • Hygienic
  • Rightly Priced Chinese

Are the main USP of Wok On Fire just because of which people given us space as well as preference in such a short span of time!!!

Q3. According to you what’s your ace food product which has the capability to steal the show?


Q4What are your expansion plans and future prospects regarding Wok on Fire?

Ans: – We @ Wok On Fire Team plan to stretch at in almost each & every part of the country where ever there is scope for potential business. We as a team will be more concentrating on QSR-Format with a major emphasize on FOCO Module. As per the future prospects are concerned, we as a team will be opening gates for promising Careers with us for IHM/BHM students with lucrative incentives. Our main concentration will always be there for our Franchisees for new as well as better business.

Q5What kind of training and support do you provide to your franchisees?

Ans: – We @ Wok On Fire Team have in-depth modules in place to train our franchisees. We specifically work on FOCO model which states “Franchisee Owned Company Operated” We as a team take entire operation’s control for Service as well as Kitchen dept. with an effective control on Raw material store too. We facilitate highly experienced staff for hassle free operations. Our different Dept. Heads all guide and support the Franchisees as and when required. We @ Wok On Fire Team keep on upgrading ourselves to new technologies to make better sales and smooth operations. Our influential social media team keep on guiding the Franchisees from time to time…

Q6. What are your thoughts on the Market that you provide your delicious food to?

Ans: If we talk about the market trends so, it keeps on changing with time. The kind of customer we use to have in 80’s, we don’t have the same kind today. Today’s customers are well aware of the cuisines as well as the kind of taste they are looking for! There is a great business scope for the years ahead as well the competitors list. As per The Economic Times! The QSR market to touch Rs.25000 crores by 2020.

 Q7. Where can you see your brand Wok on Fire in the next five years’ time?

Ans: – Wok On Fire is a very fast growing chain of restaurants and we are growing year by year, & by the end of this financial year it will be 10+. In the span of 5 years Wok On Fire will be counted in one of the most successful QSR chain of Restaurants at Pan India Level specifically in the segment of Chinese Cuisines. You will find us in all the top class metros, Sate Capital’s and even tourist places and hill stations. As per as the numbers are concerned we are likely to be available at 40+ locations with fabulous customer service and effective delivery solution’s. And with FranchiseZing on our side we are sure to get very far in the business.




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