The Most Amazing Fast Food Franchise

When we compare the food sector with other sectors we will come to find a very interesting fact that is, that it is booming. Yes, as simple or maybe even dull it may sound but it is the truth and we as entrepreneurs can be happy about it as it comes with lot of business opportunities. This, by default, gives the people who want to have something of their own an opportunity to invest their money into it and reap the profitable rewards out of it.

Chaat Chatore: The Brand

As we already known that there are too many food brands in the Indian food segment like Funduz, Pizza Da Dhaba and Chaat Chatore and much more who are the key players of the Indian food franchise market. Chaat Chatore being one such key player existing in the market is on the verge of expansion on PAN-INDIA basis. It is a very popular food brand is known for operating in a very substantial manner which is also very interesting and very creative.

Chaat Chatore offers its customers with the best and the most delicious cuisine items such as a variety of chaat’s, samosa’s and much more at very genuine and affordable prices. Chaat Chatore has an iconic presence in states like Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kerala. It is one of the most lucrative and profitable food franchise opportunity.


To open a Chaat Chatore franchise outlet you need an investment budget of about 8-10 lakhs and the area requirement for opening a Chaat Chatore franchise outlet is of about minimum 120 sq ft.

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