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7D Rider to expand its franchise operation in all over India.

MagnetmallIn today’s fast pacing world where technology is changing or causing ripples of significant change in the entertainment industry in about every six months 7D cinema is the result, just of that pace and want for more entertainment. 7D rider has the crucial ability to play the role of busting stress and give people what they want, that is, a few minutes of jet packed joyride; an experience which they could call out of this world. 7d rider being an technologically advanced way which can give the viewer a hell of a rich viewing experience as it duplicates the environment going on in the celluloid and makes the same effects outside the screen for ex if in a ride scene the ride is going on and that ride dives into water, the same effects will be created outside the screen so as one will feel that he or she is inside the screen with all the action going on along with them as the seat on which one would be seating is in sync with the ongoing scene, this technology is called ‘’six degrees of freedom’ design concept which ensures that the seat movements are in sync with the visuals and thus permits the audience a more realistic sense of scene.

After seeing all this One can easily tell that it has a serio 7D rider a entertainment brand us economic potential, its’ unique selling proposition being the experience which it can provide to its customers like lightning, fog , smoke, bubble heat effect, air blower. Helped by the franchise zing which acts like a bridge for various businesses striving to expand, with franchisees as their potent business partners, its objective is to work in interest of brands and investors, making it easy for them to meet and stitch business relations for their future growth and potential, with the contribution of their knowledge, experiences, and services.

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