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Event Management as compared to other professions is a relatively young field. Its an industry that has seen an exponential growth in the last few years and is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years.Event planning starts from the process of coordinating to budgeting, scheduling site, making all the arrangements and then finally executing.Creating an event is mainly about Creating an Experience Mr.  Gnaneshwar Madhu, the Director of the 7 Events brings you the experiences as never experienced and decorations as never seen before.

  Start by giving us an overview of your Company and what inspired you to start it?


After working in IT for 9 years, I found the latest trend happening in event management through my network of people. In schooling I was good in sketching and crafts. Since I hadserved multiple rolls in IT field as Product Manager, Software Functional Architect and Creative Director with global companies, I thought to explore event management industry as it had huge scope for imparting professional touch as it is an unorganized sector.
A combination of technology&artistic talentled us to start the event management. In the very first year our Brand became quite famous with our website being the most informative and content rich site in those days. We started as Birthday Planners and were like NUMERO UNO. Then we extended our services to Corporate, Wedding, Naming and Photography Events. Now we have in-house deco, flower sales, own editing studio to have control over quality and timely delivery.
Many event beginnersacross India started asking us for brand in the very second year of our company inception. In 2014 we thought of making a streamlined process, extensive documentation of the operations. Later in 2016 took the help of consultants to make legal, operational manuals, agreement documentation etc…

2017 we gave one franchise in Hubli and it is running successfully from 2018. Right now our brand is confident of giving right directions, support, strength, path, motivationand tricks for the franchise investors. There are many multiple advantages which are documented for investor’s references.


  What is so unique about your business which distinguishes you from others?


Professional & transparent communication.Contemporary & stylish decorations for which we are famous for. Introduced ‘never-seen-before’ decorations which became a trend as many other player followers have learnt to explore contemporary styles. Multiple services in One Stop is a easy deal for customers. Combination of Technology and Creativity is the secret of success. We never marketed our service, we just presented our product/services. The customers themselves fell behind it. We hardly spent for marketing except for the initial 3 years.

  What factors do you consider when choosing an event venue?


Indoor, Outdoor, Time availability for arrangements, venue’s process, limitations, dimensions, facilities. Goods dumping area, Lift, Power supply. We have a “Venue form” to undertake all the above and more factors which are critical for every event. This is part of our streamlined process. Perhaps no one has done such a check list.

  Tell us about a time you had to deal with a last-minute change or unexpected situation when planning an event.


Over a period of 9 years we have countered/ found fixes for all possible last minute glitches & challenges which may arise. This is the reason we say ours is a well streamlined process. If our process is strictly followed then 99% of issues will not arise at last moment. Skipping the process always is vulnerable & prone to issues. We have extensive paper works for which we make ourselves, our employees & vendors to be hooked &practiced to it. This way we eliminate any possible issues which may arise. We can explain those process personally in a meet / online demo. Just to generally brief some simple process such as good paper works, check lists, backup vendors, early arrival to venues, venue form, smart phones with all employees/vendors, training to vendors, extra safety measures, extra props, Senior member deployment etc are some special initiative to ensure smooth execution.

  How do you use social media for your event planning or for attracting customers?


We have a million views now and it is going to increase more going forward .facebook is there for a long time now. Our site is one of the biggest family event management website across India. There is lot attractive content which you can see. We have not dependent on one source of leads. We have a different sources to get great leads. Social Media is not the only way and we are less depended on it.

  What are your expansion plans and where do you see yourself in five years?


We want to expand pan India including metros, tier two, tier three cities &talluk level as well. Our model and concept is very lucrative for any decorator or event planner. There are unique selling secrets /points. Ultimately we want to be a knowledge sharing resource for greater success of all our franchisees in future. We are targeting 50 Branches across India for next 5 years.

  If you had one piece of advice to someone who just started out, what would it be?


If you had one piece of advice to someone who just started out, what would it be?
Be Passionate& patient in your work, learn from Experts. Welcome Innovations &Find Solutions. Be honest with your commitment then the success follows you like your shadow.

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