9 ways to convince your family to accept your choice of Franchise

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In India, all major decisions require the approval of your family. Be it a career, marriage, business or the choice of a franchise, your family wants to be a part of everything. Hence convincing them to accept your decision can be a taxing task.

Therefore, to help you out with this struggle, we have 9 ways that you can follow to make your family a part of your dream.


  1. Find the correct moment
    Wait for the right time. Make sure that all the concerned members are in the right state of mind.
  2. Tell them exactly what you feel
    Don’t try playing mind games. Just put all the cards in front of them. The more honest you are, the more convinced they would feel.
  3. Have patience
    Such decisions sometimes need a lot of persuasiveness. Do not lose hope after the first try. Keep trying and eventually, they will begin to bend in your favour.
  4. Listen to them
    Do not be all rigid. Listen to their opinion and why they don’t want you to invest in the franchise.
  5. Tell them about the franchisor
    Tell them more about the franchisor. If possible, make them a part of the meeting. Share all your research work with them.
  6. Share about other franchisees
    Tell them the success stories of other franchisees. Show them their progress report and how the business helped them to grow in life.
  7. Find family members with similar dreams
    Connect with your cousins and extended family members who are in the similar line of business. As they must have gone through the same in their lives, they would be in a better place to guide you.
  8. Be Confident
    At the end of the day it is your dream, if you begin to lose hope in it then you’ll be in no place to convince anybody else.
  9. Show you are ready
    Create the environment around you that proves that you are ready for such a major commitment in life.

Trust us when we say, this path might sound tough but it isn’t difficult to achieve. Things are always difficult in our head. Reality is much simpler.

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