A Brand with Exclusive Varieties of Food & Beverages – Cafe De Grande

India is digitalising and because of that in future, Retails merchants will get huge loss. So if you are joining with Cafe De Grand, we will put you in this digitalizing and globalizing world and make your business more bigger and profitable as said by the Director of the Company Mr. Nandu Krishnan.

  Elaborate about the inspirational journey of your business?

  Cafe de grande ( CDG ) is a brand that proudly presents exclusive varieties of food & beverages in a perfect professional manner. Mainly icecream, shakes, hot and cold beverages, mocktails, crushers, wraps, burgers, sandwiches etc. Now we are planning to start mini counters all over India and overseas by cooperating with retail merchant shops. 30% more business is our guaranty. We are inviting all of you to start our franchisees.

  Tell us about the USP of your brand and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

   Icecream, shakes, hot and cold beverages, mocktails, crushers, wraps, burgers and  sandwiches are our USP.Within 5 years we will be in top 5 in India.We are planning to have more than 50 franchisees .And that will increase the customer relationship and digitizing the retail merchants.

  How long has the business been franchised and what is your vision for the business?

With the advent of hypermarkets and shopping malls,retail merchant’s business is in lose stage.For increasing their income we are planning to do this.When comparing to other franchisees we have so many specialties..We will not take any franchisee fees,security deposit,license amount etc.We started only before 2 months.Vision is to globalise the local merchants.

  What kind of Advantages do the Franchisee gets by taking your Franchise?

  * More profit – Above 40% more business is our minimum guaranty.

* More publicity – We will advertise our brand through social media and tv,newspaper,radio etc.

* All time helpline – you will get all-time assistance.

* More business possibility – you are working with a brand chain. So the business possibility will be higher.

* Gifts, offers, games – CDG pack contains several gifts, offers, games etc. Will give repeated customers.

*CDG will not interfere in your complete business area. We will interfere in our products only. So you can do your business as your wish.

  Share your Business Plan with us?

  Like other franchisees, CDG will not take franchisee fees, royalty fees, deposit fees, license fees etc. The first step is checking the business area. Our team will check the business area. If they will approve, you can start our franchisee. Our franchisee needs refrigerator,freezer,juicer,induction cooker, kitchen utensils only.. If these items are there you can use that. Our trainer will train you all our food products. According to the area, menu will change. We will add/remove food products according to the business area and culture. Company needs 5% share of the total business of our food products only. Remaining 95% will be in your account.





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