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  Pas-Bird Pvt Ltd has been in operation since 2015 which makes a common platform for employees and employer form us one of longest running privately owned permanent,temporary recruitment and software development. We provide services across a wide range of industries.Pas-Bird Pvt Ltd is committed member of software development and Recruitment organization the peak body for development and recruitment organisations in India as told by the Director Mr. Sudhir Kumar Chaurasiya.
  Elaborate about the inspirational journey of your business?   The journey of PAS-BIRD  started in January 2015 ,when i was searching for my job for a bright future but i couldn't find any and got upset and fed up.Then a first drop of business came in my mind and i started researching about my business motives and USP.I tried to register my company but due to some issues in the Name my application got cancelled,Later with a lot of efforts I got inspirational and motivational word of my life which was PAS-BIRD  (Meaning of Pas-Bird is Pas- Services & Bird -  Bird means Bird of Services). Finally we have completed 3 years of our Business.

  Tell us about the USP of your brand and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?   Our USP is; We bond a direct relation between employee and employer . We help in finding  better career path along with job. We believe in veracity and trust . We are very punctual in what we say

  How long has the business been franchised and what is your vision for the business?   Right now we are not under the Franchise network, but we are planning to start franchise from next year. Vision of PAS-BIRD is to give a smooth and hassle free service in educational  field to everyone.

  What kind of training and support do you offer to the franchise?   We provide 24x7 telephonic help . One month training for how to short out or give satisfactory services. We provide individual manager for every single franchise.

  How many centers do you presently have and how many among them are franchisees run?   Right now we are running three center's 2 in Delhi  and 1 in Bhopal.

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