A successful company that has grown through brain mapping initiative.

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Multiple Intelligence Limited (MIL) believes that there is only one King, the “customer”. Providing best service to the customer has been the top most priority for MIL since its inception. At MIL, we come to work every day because we want to solve some of the greatest problems/challenges that people are facing these days.

Q1. Our first question regarding your brand would be about the journey? Elaborate about the inspiring journey which you went through pulling of your brand Multiple Intelligence?

During our 9 year history as a company, we have experienced and successfully navigated through several periods of extreme market volatility. Inspite of this we had overcome all the difficult situations due to our best quality products and service. We became the No. 1 company in DMIT sector in India with continuous growth in our sales volume and customer satisfaction. We are in the midst of another record-setting year combining our unique products and services with highly relevant innovation and differentiated customer. We are making a profound social impact in the communities we serve around the world, and will continue to do so today and into the future.

 Q2. What is the USP of your brand Universal Multiple Intelligence? On which concept your brand  is based upon?

USP of Multiple Intelligence limited is having product ranges to cater all the ages from 3 yrs to 65 years to transform the lives of individuals . MIL has products in wide ranges that are constructive starting from a toddler to elderly person who seeks peace of mind.

Our brand is based upon utilizing the multiple intelligences to face day to day challenges and balancing of left and right brain. Our emphasis is on next generation education system with greater focus on making the new generation smarter , genius , inventor and out of the box thinker.


Q3. What kind of services you provide to your clients?

We provide services related to education system to kids , teens , adults , professionals . We have following products with specific benefits out of it.

  1. Brain Key – This is based upon GMIT ( Genetic multiple Intelligence test) to unlock one’s full learning potential and hidden talent . parenting , behavioral and career counselling is done by certified counsellors based upon the scientific report .
  2. Brain Trigger – This is an innovative mid – brain activation technique to improve memory , creativity , imagination and emotional stability. Workshop for kids is conducted by internationally certified counsellors.
  3. Resilience – This product is for adults and working professionals to improve their visioning skills , creative problem solving skills , positive relationship skills and stress management level.
  4. Math –O- Mania and Poetic brain – These products have been designed to improve the performance of students in their exams and build confidence to do fast calculations and reading.

Q4. On coming to a lighter note, How do you kick start your day and in what manner which perhaps inspires to achieve your goals and targets in the long run?

We kick start our day with a goal to reach out to maximum people on that particular dya who can be benefited with our products and service. With a vision to add value in their lives we enthusiastically plan the day with our commitment to serve our customer better and make them satisfied. With a mindset If we are able to transform the lives of individuals we are contributing towards building a better and progresive India.

Q5. What are your future prospects regarding your brand and the expansion plans?

We will continue to implement the new strategy in near future. MIL will be a global company and more focus on customer orientation. Research and development and sustainable business will be the factors that will determine our success, opening new opportunities for growth and greater profitability.

I am convinced that sustainable business, diversity and a strong innovative capacity will represent key factors that will attract tomorrow’s best partners to MIL.

We will tie up with educational institutes, schools , colleges to run our programs on a larger scale not only in India but also in Indonesia , Singapore and middle east countries. Moreover we will be introducing skill building programs and workshops in engineering sector to enhance the skill levels of students to have better employability and more contribution towards make in India journey.


Q6. What are your thoughts on the market that you provide your services to?

Market is very conducive for us to use our products and services.  The technology, expertise and experience that MIL has can be used effectively across every population segment. Little over 31% of India’s population has children age group 5 to 19 yrs that are best suited for our products brain key and brain Trigger . There is close to about 25% of population in India in the age group of 20 to 34 years and this is more suited for our product Resilience.

Q7. What kind of training and support do you provide to your franchisees?

We provide training to our franchise to use our products and how to sell in the market . We also provide counselling training to do independent counselling. MIL provides support in

— setting up a Centre

— Provide counsellors services as and when needed

— Trainers are provided to do the workshop

— Digital marketing in specific area

— Event organizing and promotional activities

— Technical support on products

— Customer care services


Q8. Where can you see your brand Multiple Intelligence in the next five years time?

We will focus on products and solutions that boosts customer satisfaction and set new industry standards. We will create synergies with in the group by deploying a flat organization, simple decision-making processes and clear performance-management framework.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that we will launch our IPO in 2022. We will continue to move forward together towards securing our position as one of the world’s most innovative company.

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