Adara Ayurveda Franchise Opportunity

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Today, Ayurveda has a great significance and using Ayurveda people are getting tremendously positive results for themselves. People who are looking for solutions in Ayurveda rarely get disappointed owing to its magnificent healing capacities. Ayurveda has been an integral part of Indian culture since ancient times.

What is the role of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda has been in our culture and in our country since the ancient times, there is no denying this fact. The purpose of Ayurveda has been to enable people to live fulfilling lives with no stress, love, compassion and kindness. The purpose of Ayurveda is the mental, spiritual and up to some extent emotional upliftment of the people as well which rises from the mental and spiritual upliftment as a consequence.

The Vision of Adara Ayurveda is to provide its clients with the experience of ancient knowledge and help them draw the key benefits out of it. The main USP of Adara Ayurveda is to provide its clients with traditional Ayurvedic products. At Adara Ayurveda a customer-centric approach is followed on the foundation of consultation basis.

The Franchisezing connection

Franchisezing is one of the leading companies in franchise sector providing impeccably great services bridging the gap between franchisor and the franchisee. We perhaps offer you with the best brands in health care industry providing the best of the best services possible to our clients. Adara Ayurveda is one such brand.

Using Ayurveda as a tool one can simply conquer any disease or ailment which, sometimes even allopathy can not do.

Adara Ayurveda offers various services in Retail, Wellness, Spa and Salon and it also has its own Academy offering education services.

Adara in different roles

In Retail– Adara in retail offers medical consultation services with expert Ayurvedic doctors. Adara Ayurveda is known for providing premium Ayurvedic products with no compromise on the authenticity and pureness of its high-end ayurvedic products.

In Wellness– Adara Ayurveda is also present in Wellness industry providing Panchakarma and other therapies with the help of a specialists under the guidance of expert doctors.

In Spa and Salon– Adara Ayurveda is also present in spa and salon industry offering premium services to its clients taking customer satisfaction into account.

In Academy– Adara Ayurveda believes in business as well, developing Ayurveda into something much more than its ancient identity and turning it into something which could generate business and profits for the benefit of people who are employed. Adara has taken something from our cultural roots and has turned it into an employment generator due to which many people get to make their living.

It wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Adara Ayurveda is one of the most reliable, trusted and authentic brands offering traditional ayurveda practices. Ayurveda is known to be a curative science developed by great saints of India for humanity.

Adara Ayurveda believes in customer satisfaction and uses natural ingredients for manufacturing its products. Ayurvedic products have the natural tendency to prevent aging and helping rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

The requirements

To open a Adara Ayurveda franchise you would be needing an investment budget of about 11-31 lacs with the area requirement of about 250-1400 square feet.

FranchiseZing is a leading franchise consultancy company which is thriving to operate for the financial upliftment of its clients. For details reach us at our hotline number 97178-99733 or you can simply mail us at

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