Apunka Chicken Adda: The Most Profitable fast food franchise opportunity

The taste of eating a juicy chicken can be best described as indescribable. When it comes to the food industry which is seeing its profits to be rising at a very considerable amount of pace it becomes somewhat imperative to invest into it. Apunka Chicken Adda is one of those fast food brands which considers customer satisfaction as its top priority. Apunka Chicken adda not just operates for profits but also has some goals which are beyond profit and money making. According to chicken adda providing the customer with the value for money product is the key to provide them contentment and this non-negligibly becomes one of the most common factors which ultimately leads to the true success of the brand. Apunka Chicken Adda franchise chain is seeing an unprecedented financial growth.

The Factors

Apunka Chicken Adda rightly defines what is known as customer contentment into something which is the right blend of profits, edgy technology and the right trend obviously with the most delicious and premium fast food chicken products possible.  Apunka Chicken Adda provides its customers with the most iconic fast food products like wraps and rolls, mocktails, premium burgers and constantly innovates  it’s food menu for the incessant food brand growth.

Apunka chicken Adda with its constant hard efforts has become perhaps one of the most loved and premium non-veg food brands. Chicken is one of those food products which has crossed the multiple cultural boundaries offering a dynamic chicken eating experience to its customers which brings along with it the brand loyalty and brand customization. This phenomenal fast food brand offers a value for quality food products at extremely competitive prices going easy on the customer’s pocket.

The Analysis

If we go by the data then the Indian food market is of about 25 lac crore as of now and is expected to rise to 42 lac crore by the year 2020. This makes it all the more interesting and lucrative business franchise opportunity for investment purposes.

Why opening an independent food joint becomes a tremendous challenge, this is indeed one of the most asked questions if and when we talk about the food industry. There are many reasons for that.

First of all, there is total dependency on skilled labour and according to a researched report about 60% of the restaurants close down within a year of their commencement. Owing to many factors due to which it becomes a hectic challenge for the entrepreneur to keep consistent pace with it and eventually somewhere or the other fails.

The other factor is that to open any business venture it requires high monetary involvement which is also very risky and results in the failure of the business model itself.

Apunka Chicken Adda is very serious and definite about its ethics which it follows ardently to crack the business code of profits. It also is a place to hang out with family and friends giving them an opportunity to have some fun and realize that how important it becomes to spend some quality time with close friends.

The Requirements

The investment budget required for opening an Apunka Chicken Adda franchise is of about 8-12 lakhs and the minimum area requirement is of about 200 sq ft.

For opening an Apunka Chicken Adda franchise you need 2-4 semi skilled or unskilled labour and other basic necessities like electricity and water supply in an area with high foot fall.

Franchisezing is one of the leading franchise consultancy companies providing the franchisor and the franchise with the business opportunity to grow financially and somewhat socially as well rising their status in the society. For franchise details regarding Apunka Chicken Adda you can reach us at our hotline number 97178-99655 or mail us at info@franchisezing.com

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