Be Your Own Boss and Part of a Successful Network

Be-the-BosIt may be your dream to start your own business and be your own boss, or you are looking to doing so due to changes in your personal circumstances. If you have been weighing up this decision for some time, you may feel apprehensive and doubtful. You simply need the right franchise partner who can inspire and support you.

Antal International is a leading mid to senior level, global executive recruitment franchise, with a network of more than 120 offices in 30 countries. The Antal franchise Owners are very independent and work in different ways, being either flexible, working or having decided to build a business and hire recruiters. A lot of their time is spent on the phone, talking to candidates and clients, or online finding new clients and candidates. Antal has an internal database of 60.000 placements that have been done over the last 22 years and Owners have access to this unique data as a business development tool.

 Reflect on your previous experience and skills

 Antal franchise Owners are channeling their professional business skills and experience by placing mid to senior level candidates every day, generating thousands of new employees a year and millions of pounds in placement fees. They quickly gain credibility with the clients they work with and are able to spot and identify the top talent.

 A peer group that motivates and inspires you

 When you join Antal International you are joining our network of Owners, who are highly qualified and credible business professionals. Antal Owners collaborate and share fees on various recruitment assignments, brainstorm solutions and help each other to expand their businesses. This network delivers tangible results through shared revenue, with our franchisees adding up to 20% to their bottom line through sharing candidates, clients and fees.

With best practice training as your safety net

 At Antal we appreciate that part of the fear factor is stepping into the unknown and that this fear is only likely to really subside when you have started to make money. Antal trains you to be a professional recruitment consultant in record time, with much of the operational set up and running of the business being taken care of. There is also a management team available to help guide and support you along the way so you can get on with generating cash as quickly as possible.

The training and support programme starts as soon as you decide to join us, with a pre-induction planning programme designed to prepare you for your operational set up.

The first six months are critical because we want our franchisees to make placements and fees, and if they are going to achieve this, they will need to apply every part of the training process. This is why Antal has introduced an extensive six months training curriculum. After graduating from the intensive two week induction programme, which mixes academic/classroom style training with practical application, Antal has a coaching programme specifically designed to coach Owners through the first six months of their business. This intensive 180 day programme takes training far beyond academic learning.

On top of this personalized support, Antal has launched a global class Performance Development Programme with the world leading training specialist Next Level Exchange. Our Franchise Owners have access to the vast library of material that NLE has created and perfected over the years, as well as online training classes and weekly conference calls. Webinars cover a variety of critical pieces of the entire placement process, from sourcing techniques, recruiting best practices, client development techniques, process management, and personal development and time management.

Now think big and make it happen

 Once you have decided on the business that is right for you, the next step is to take action and think big about what you want to achieve. The Antal International recruitment franchise fits our Owners aspirations, not the other way around. This business can be as big or as small as our Owners want it to be, the only limit being the extent of your ambition.

On the other end of the scale, many of our Owners have chosen to operate from home as boutiques, perhaps with the intention to scale one day, or perhaps to continue to reap the rewards that are available in this low investment, high return business.

The average placement fees are between 15% and 20% of the candidate’s first year basic salary, and can average at Rs.3,50,000 per placement, so you can see the possibilities for the average Antal Owner to create revenues of Rs. 40 to 70 lakhs in their first year of businesses, with many Owners achieving much more. Eventually reaching that golden moment where they earn more than what they were earning in their prior corporate lives.



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