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Let’s start with some facts first. India is the second largest producer of tea in the world. India, being a land of great saint’s, ascetics and Ayurveda has laid great importance on different kinds of herbal teas and other hot herbal beverages for health benefits and disease less body, mind and spirit. The first traces of tea are clearly documented in the Indian Epic: the Ramayana itself. Yes, it is true.

Modern day chaai
A modern Indian’s day is not completed unless they have a hot and sweet cup of tea to fulfill their appetite. From this statement which is as true as gravity from Indian perspective, we can say that tea is not just a hot cup of beverage it is something more exquisite for the Indian people, it’s more than a cup of tea, something which has tremendous financial potential as well.

One can easily find tea stalls at almost every hook and corner of India. In our country 8,37,000 tonnes of chaai is consumed each year, this shows and proves the currently scattered business model which is lying in our country which just needs to be assembled and needs a keen eye of someone who has a knack for business. This also gives us a glimpse of the rate of business opportunities at which chaai can be used as a liquid asset.

Chaai Resto
Chaai resto possesses a team of highly skilled and dynamic workers. The team has been working on this idea for now 3 years and has made them come to life. Chaai resto focuses on hygiene to be its one of the top priorities along with exceptional quality control measures. Chaai resto is currently operating in Hyderabad and Bangalore and is looking for franchisezing opportunities in these areas only for now.

Professional attributes
It consists of specially designed aesthetics to match industry standards.

Trained and well groomed man power so customers couldn’t just enjoy their tea /snacks but also relax and refresh themselves having the confidence of eating hygienic which is something that is becoming rare in our country. With all these positive attributes chaai resto can become highly beneficial business opportunity in itself.

Chaai offerings
Chaai resto is known for 25 lip smacking flavours of chaai like traditionally live.Irani chaai, lemon chaai, herbal flavours etc

Other items offered by Chaai Resto are parathas, maagi, pastas, bakery products etc. For opening a chaai resto franchise you need capital of 10,00,000-12,00,000.

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