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Chaat Chatore providing chaat with beneficial opportunities

Capture6When it comes to food, we Indians are the best at it, whether it be making it or eating it. From south Indian food to the delicious Punjabi tadaka we devour anything which comes our way as if it is a blessing bestowed upon us and when it comes to chaat, we simply go jumping and popping in our mind. The word itself, in many ways is enough to fill our mouths with heavy loads of water, but often we see that the street food we are talking about is very unhygienic.  This is also one reason that chaat chatore concept was developed with low cost investment opportunity; that is to provide our foodie people with hygienic and standard quality food products simultaneously  maintaining the mouth watering taste of the product. The Indian chaats like golgappa, gaathiya chaat, bhelpuri, corn chaat, katori chaat are accepted all over India and now slowly and steadily they are making their presence count in international market also. The chaat chatore brand wants to spread the legacy of Indian fast food and spill it all over the world with its spices, hygiene and organized manner with an insanely wide range of products to offer such as tikkis, namkins, gupchup or pani puri and what not giving not only customer satisfaction but also advantageous of profitable business opportunities to the people who are ready to invest their time and money for their passion.

For opening a chaat chatore outlet you require an investment of approx 4 to 6 lakhs which will depend upon the location and city. Chaat chatore gives its customers the highest possible quality of hygiene using the best of technological advances possible.

A perfect location to open an outlet of chaat chatore brand is that it must be owned or rented at a prime location with a minimum of 120 sq feet area; bus stands, crowded areas or places near colleges or schools are much preferred. Chaat chatore is being helped by the franchise zing whose sole objective is to work in interest of its customers who desire to start their own franchise business.

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