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Indian people have a knack for eating snacks and dishes from street vendors, be it bhelpuri, chaat or gol-gappas, we Indians don’t rule anything out form our food dictionaries, we just gobble everything through our throats without giving it a thought whether the food is hygienic or not, whether the vendor would have followed the rules he/she ought to have, taking into account the health of his/her customers or was just he worried about his money compromising on the quality of the food which he is serving to the customers.

There are many profitable fast food brands who don’t compromise on the quality and hygiene of the food they provide to their customers so it is very profitable in the nutritional sense to buy your fast food from brands like chaat chatore which is known for providing quality food products. Chaat chatore is brand known for uncompromising believes on the nutritional value of its food products.

The vision

The vision of this iconic brand is to create a value for Indian food and deliver the mouth watering chaat maintaining its nutritional value making a reach in the overseas. The phenomenal taste of chat chatore products comes as a result of herbs, masalas which are used in just the right quantity and the right manner.

The facts

To open a chaat chatore franchise you just need a nominal investment of about 4-6 lakh and the zeal to do something in the food industry creating profitable business opportunity in food sector. The preparation of chaat products is also very easy and just needs the instructions to be followed by the user to prepare them and is also time saving for those commuters who don’t have much time due to their hectic work schedules.

The products

Chaat chatore provides a variety of products to its customers like katori chaat, cone chaat, cheese cone chaat, idli vada, choole tikki, bhel puri, gaathiya chaat, pavbhaji and much more generating profitable franchise opportunities in fast food industry. Chaat chatore has a very well curated range of food products which are tasty as well as healthy.

In this mission to expand chaat chatore is being helped by one of the most fine franchise consultancy companies named franchisezing whose sole mission is to strive for the betterment of people who promote business and want to do it with a great zeal.

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