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Chosen franchise route for expansion: Garvi –Gurjari

Franchise News India: ‘Garvi-Gurjari’ emporiums, the state-owned handloom & handicraft stores, are popular among non-resident Indians (NRIs) and affluent sections in India. These stores will soon be opened as franchisees across India and in some leading foreign countries too as the state government has decided to authorize private persons and companies to open ‘Garvi-Gurjari’ stores on franchise to promote Brand Gujarat.

Gujarat State Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd (GSHHDC), an undertaking of the state government, owns ‘Garvi-Gurjari’ brand stores in seven major cities of the country which sell authentic Gujarati handloom and handicraft products.

GSHHDC managing director, A K Jha, said that the state government has decided to allow private individuals and companies in different states and countries to open ‘Garvi-Gurjari’ stores as franchisees.

“So far all the stores are run by corporations. For the first time, we will give rights to private persons and companies to use our ‘Garvi-Gurjari’ brand. The state government expects to benefit from the tourist wave created by a marketing drive led by Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan,” said Jha.

He further said that the GSHHDC will soon announce a new scheme of financial incentives to motivate private players to invest in these stores across the country. “We will be fixing various criteria for private parties to take our offer of franchise. We will also try to increase our sales through internet marketing,” said Jha.

Currently, the GSHHDC sells handloom & handicraft products worth around Rs 20 crore per annum through the ‘Garvi-Gurjari’ stores.

GSHHDC works for identification, revival, development, promotion and marketing of handloom and handicraft products of Gujarat. It organizes exhibitions and tribal fairs to sell and create awareness of handloom, handicrafts and tribal crafts of Gujarat among prospective buyers.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes

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