Croatian French Fries chain to launch in India

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A brand new fast food chain is heading to India from Croatia. Surf ‘n’ Fries has signed a franchisee to launch the business in Australia and there are plans to open at least 150 outlets in the next 10 years.

The franchisor Rasesh Seth, told FranchiseZing, “We conducted research on the consumption of french fries in India and we figured it out this is definitely the placed where we want to be,” said Seth. The menu offers a twist on chicken and chips, with the fries cooked in steam and hot air.

Initial franchisee Mr. Ram Talluri will start operating the distinctively packaged Surf ‘n’ Fries takeaway menu from a branded trailer before opening a store in Hyderabad later this year.

Mr. Talluri will then have the opportunity to expand the business through franchising.

He told FranchiseZing “The reason why I am confident Surf’n’Fries will work in India is because the branding looks like it was made for the India market, the packaging and the signature fries shape are unique and new to the country and the type of food we will have on offer is historically popular here.

“We will have our signature fries, with fifteen different types of sauces, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, veg cheese nuggets, along with various types of innovative refereshers to go along with the meal.“The shops are fitted out in a modern, fun and quirky theme with swings as seats and surfboard shaped tables.”Surf ‘n ‘Fries started trading in 2009 and today has nearly 80 restaurants in 17 countries. There are four different business models available, including mobile and trailer options.

The Brand currently wishes to expand in the Western, Nothern and Eastern Regions of India and is in talks with prospective Master Franchise owners

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