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CybizCorp Revolutionizes the Food and Beverage Franchising Domain with Lazeez Affaire Group

Franchise News India :  CybizCorp, whose promoters gained goodwill through the launch of RE/MAX in India, impacted the Real Estate Industry with a state of complete revolution. They are now all set to give the Food and Beverage Industry a wakeup call with their recent tie up with the Lazeez Affaire Group.

The organization will be the Master Franchisee for Lazeez Affaire Group in India and aims to open over 100 outlets.

The market analysis conducted is indicative of the change in the consumer preference in tier 1 and tier 2 cities for gourmet food. The consumer no longer wants to stick to native cuisines but instead wishes to entice his or her taste buds with other worldly cuisines. The consumer is now interested in myriad life experiences in the Indian market of which food is a crucial substituent. This gradual shift has provided the loop of opportunity within the Food and Beverage Industry verified by local players such as Pind Balluchi, Moti Mahal, Swagath, etc. that show a growing interest in the franchising model.

CybizCorp is a renowned organization that has successfully launched many franchising outlets in the Real Estate Industry. Their extensive knowledge and expertise in the franchising domain will play as key factors in the success of the franchising model outlined for Lazeez Affaire.

Lazeez Affaire Group led by Mr. Priyank Sukhija, a very successful restaurateur, currently operates more than 20 fine and casual dining outlets across Delhi- NCR. The brands owned by Lazeez Affaire Group include Boombox, OTB, Raas, Pizzeria Rossa, Rossa Asap, RPM, Warehouse, Flying Saucer, Scooter, Fork You, Lazeez Affaire, and Pure Punjab among many others.  Priyank’s journey with Lazeez Affaire was set to bring forth a fine dining Indian experience in the heart of Delhi. Thus he created concepts that redefined the dining and leisure experience for customers by understanding the culinary trends, needs and wants of today’s customers. Priyank is responsible for revival of markets such as Hauz Khas Village, Cannaught place that are now pegged as ultimate dining destinations of Delhi-NCR.

Priyank Sukhija, Chairman, Lazeez Affaire Group states, “We are pleased to have joined hands with the CybizCorp as the Master Franchisor for all our brands. CybizCorp has been revolutionary in Real Estate by expanding its presence in 35+ cities with 100+ offices in a span of just 5 years, and we are looking forward to partnering with them as we believe that CybizCorp will replicate the success it has achieved with RE/MAX in the Lazeez Affaire Group as well. We are confident that this new initiative headed by Sana Chopra, Director, F&B Division will do exceptionally well.”

Sana Chopra, Director F&B, CybizCorp says “The team at CybizCorp has carried out an extensive research to identify Food & Beverage concepts that have a strong propensity to succeed in India, and we strongly believe that the time is ideal for revolutionary concepts to be introduced into the Indian market. Thus, the tie up.”

Sam Chopra, Chairman, CybizCorp, remarks, “CybizCorp is excited at the prospect of building the country’s largest Food & Beverage restaurants network similar to the country’s largest Real Estate network that we have built. We will identify and work with only premium brands like Lazeez Affaire Group by taking on their Master Franchises and helping them expand pan- India. We are thrilled at the prospect of working closely with Priyank and his team!”

About CybizCorp:

CybizCorp is an India Entry Strategy, Marketing & Business Consultants specialising in franchising, Licensing, Channel Distribution in verticals like Business Services( Real Estate : RE/MAX India), F&B & Retail. Under special circumstances we also take master franchisees of key global & Indian brands.

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