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Dostea Content-

Tea is more than a necessity in our lives. Any mood, any place, any time tea clicks! When it is a good cup of tea, the feeling is "THIS is it!"and when there is some awesome snacks with the Tea that adds to the taste of the tea and make it super duper awesome.

Dostea is a Cafe Brand where you can have all types of yummy food which stops your craving and gives so much of peace and happiness to your stomach and mood Dostea brand is a tea brand but it also have other crunchy, spicy and yummy food items such as  Cheese Chutney Sandwich, Bread Pizza, Pasta, Maggi, Burger, Fries, Mix Chaat, shakes and coffee etc..which removes all your desires for tasty and yummy food.

when it comes to tea varieties Dostea Brand has unique varieties of Tea Dostea has its own unique recipe and tea masala ingredients which create awesome savor and fragrance in tea we gave most of our time and money in creating the best and unique taste in tea which helps in removing your stress of full day with one sip our tea

whether it is black, adrak, elaichi, laung, soaf, chocolate, paan, rose, lemon, melody or plain tea we tried to make it healthy, tasty and unique with our secret tea spices and way of preperation of tea and serve on your table with so much of love and unique style of serving

We started Dostea brand in 2012,,,and started its Franchise in 2014 Everyone wants to be the part of this Brand and spread the unique taste and serving style in which we serve our all Dostea food items

Dostea is India's 1st owned premium Tea & Snacks Brand. Our customers love our staff (Dostea) and our ever-changing menu of Tea & Snakes, Hot tea, Ice tea, International tea, Hot coffee, Cold coffee, shakes, Burger, Mix Chaat , Fries & more The full Dostea experience is unmatched and that keeps our lovely customers coming back time after time.

To open ‘Dostea’ outlet you need the following requirement. A Passion towards serving high good quality food. With a commercial property owned,leased or rented at a prime location with ad measuring.Approximate 150 + Sq. Ft. along with the following basic amenities like Electricity power, water connection etc & all .High foot-fall areas like Bus Stands, Railway Stations, Malls, Marketplace or places near School or College or any other crowded residential area would be preferred. Ability to do investments around 5 to 6 lakh Indian Rupees depending,upon the Infrastructure & area with the arrangement of 1-2 working staff.

Feel free to contact us for clearing any type of your Franchise Curosity and get more exciting offers and deals with our talented executies on Dostea Franchise and become the witness of the success and also grow with us and become king of
cafe business.

We are with you at every step, in every way!

Dostea Cafe Brand

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