Eicher Motors lays down Global Expansion Plan

The manufacturers of Royal Enfield Classic Motorbikes, Eicher Motors have laid out a plan to make their bikes and tractors business global.

Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of Eicher Motors, said, “The future for Royal Enfield firstly is to become a global brand. We have had B2B brands and plan to have a global consumer brand in the next 10 years. Same goes for the truck business as well.”

He further stated, “The aspiration is that in every country that we enter, we want to become a big player. We want to be the biggest player in the mid-sized market in developing markets such as Brazil, Thailand and Indonesia as they have a large base of commuters.”

Lal added, “India will continue the top most priority market for decades to come. The foundation stone was laid here which helps us to expand our market globally. So, India being our home is our strength.”

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