Financial Advisory- The power of Saving and Compounding

A Financial Advisor provides financial advice or guidance to customers for compensation. Financial Advisors provide many different services such as investment management,income tax preparation and estate planning.Mr Devanand Menghani a financial advisor has contributed in the field of investmens, future planning and planning for secured future for children. 

  Tell us about the journey of your business? What were the challenges that you faced?

  The journey began from post office government deposits. After which i  began to give knowledge to people about other products in the field like mutual funds investments.After a long time post explaining the facts , finally the work began. Taking money from people for investing was yet other challenge. When people started understanding the concept, they began with investments.

  Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of?

  In the initial stages, i had to make calls, fix meetings with investors for investing their funds. But now many of investors call me themselves and ask me to invest their funds in the best plans available.

  What is unique about your business and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

  Talking about uniqueness of my business, i will like to say that it requires a very low investment to begin with. I have been very successful to make my view points clear to my clients. In next 5 years, i find myself at much higher position.

  What do you look for in an employee, and what are your responsibilities as an business owner?

  In my employee, i, firstly look upon his risk bearing capacity and then suggesting them schemes and plans accordingly. As a business owner, i always put a check upon the fact that no financial loss is faced by my client due to my negligibility or carelessness in his investment plan.

  How much do you think that social media helps you to work more effectively in knowing your audience or knowing what’s new in the market?

  Social media agencies such as whatsapp, facebook ,instagram, linkedin and many other, have been very important for making my work more efficient. Through social media, a platform has been
created which has enabled a two way conversation between me and my clients.Also it makes me fully updated about what all is going in the market.

  What would be your suggestion to the budding entrepreneurs?

  One who is interested in building his/her own start-up, should firstly draft the entire plan. One should then create its structure as an architect. After that,when the person is completely ready with all this and has enough knowledge about the field then he/she should start working upon it practically.

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