Fran Talk with Mr. Emeypreet Singh from WOW HEADS

Getting connected with heavy licensors like Disney, Marvel and HBO Movies WOW HEADS has literally tasted what we call Modern Day Success. Let’s know more about this peculiar brand through Mr.EmeyPreet Singh himself


Journey of Wowheads

Started from small room back house, tried various skill sets required for painting, learned about the materials, learned modelling sculptures, market trends. Wowheads started producing caricatures for an export brand, later got order from AdlabsImagica and then never turned back as far as experience and production capabilities are concerned. In a rich range of clients served completed many orders for brands like Chumbak, Tinkle Merchandize, Mafia mundeer, Hike, Google, SAP, IIFL and many more.

Recently we got into licensing of characters so that we can harness our brand, associating with the characters we can actually direct our brand, our concepts and our vision onto the shelves, memorabilia and decors of Indian masses.

Once Wowheads started coming onto the marketing fronts and attended couple of events, we are proud to find heartwarming responses even from top media groups and big applauds from clients. Got published articles in “The Hindustan Times”, “The Week” and “The Times of India”. Footfall on Wowheads websites and our social media pages of Wowheads have increased multiple times.

Wowheads initiated a very very niche segment called Collectibles, which were really unheard off, around 3 years back. We target the youth and adult section of Indian markets, who wants to feel there idols, favorite movie stars or even gods. We include all sort of miniatures, sculptures, Caricatures, memorabilia and artifacts in it, mainly known as Bobbleheads, Action Figurines, busts, fridge magnets and souvenirs.

Wowheadsfaced a very tough challenge as in to educate market about the products, finding potential shelf spaces and sales pitch points. Challenges we faced due to Limitations in terms of product strength, Lack of Indian skilled labor, Limitation in getting right prices despite giving highly detailed, unique and highly handcrafted products, Improper cash flow and payment process by the Indian markets.

But now grace of god, we are getting proposition from heavy licensors like Disney, Marvel, Turner Int and HBO movies, various football, cricket clubs and professional sports leagues. For our state of the art customized bobbleheads, officially we have launched 6 months back during a major event, now we are getting very good response from interested franchisee models and various international players also willing to rope in for the same. Now we are into the stage of expanding ourselves, hence after sometime we are also planning to approach VC funds for Series A funding.

Thoughts on Retail sector;

Since our products are very niche, creative, fragile and little premium, we believe in retail sector more, specially mall culture and hyper markets. Our products are more of impulse purchase, once you feel the product, see details and find relevant sizes, opportunities of conversions becomes really high.Indian organized retail sector is increasing day by day. More and more cities adding to modern trade, hence huge scope of retails to excel and make a mark for themselves. Initially couple of years back it was just 7%, has now increased upto 15% by last year. After demonetization it is further expected to increase upto 32%, which is significant. Ease of payment in retail, more choices, feel the products, impulse purchase and right visibility of products, is what makes our retails more appealing and better result oriented.

Interesting name and story

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Basically as per profession, many names came to our list of planning like wacky backy, dobble wobble ziczac etc. But we wanted to name something simple and short, plus meaningful and relevant.

Heads is what we make the best, we are more towards characters, there likeliness either in the form of caricatures, realistic or semi real. Our 90% recipe of the brand is the head, so that’s what complement our profession.

WOW is a mirror image of MOM, who is more related to creator. We feel proud mentioning that we started likeliness, concept heads and characters based designing on mass levels in Indian markets. That’s how we relate WOW to our name. It also says World of wonders, which means we create wonders in our workshop, you can find only crazy concepts, innovative productsand unique designs at our workstation.

USP of the brand

Wowheads has aim to reach out to the unique market of fans, followers and companions by targeting characters, idols, mythology or personalized in the form of miniatures, sculptures and memorabilia.

We have a cutting edge over concept designing and productions, focused on same we have tied up with all major licenses in the market and reaching out to the every possible corners of Indian markets via Modern trades.

Training and support to Franchisees

Wowheads offers onsite training support to the franchisees regarding setup installation, inventory handling, product knowledge, key features, our background and upcoming possibilities. During Franchisee creation we personally attend the meetings and interactions with store managers and try to bring all relevant and possible questionnaire regarding Wowheads and products.

We have 24*7 franchise support division where our executives are available remotely to each and every query or complaints of Franchisee staff during customer handling.

Wowheads in next 5 years

Wowheads will become renowned international brand in 5 years, targeting licensed toys, collectibles and gifting segments globally.

Expansion plans and future prospects

Wowheads is more inclined towards new characters and innovative products, hence we are inclined to put more licensed characters and brands on board so that we can increase our reach to the masses.

We are planning to increase our visibilities and more sales pitch points, we have 2 franchise stores and targeting to achieve only 20 franchise stores PAN India in 2017, with selective cities. We have a very economical (below 5Lac) and effective franchise policy where minimum investment, no royalties/registration, low payback time and operating revenue from day 1, are the keys high lights of our plan. We are more keen on making 20 success stories with franchisees this year rather than making 50 franchisees and act as distributors.

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