Funduz: Best Business franchise in food sector

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If we talk about food industry then surely it is a ripe business opportunity in today’s times for investment purposes as it has the capacity to provide you with great profits. There are many leading brands in this unique market segment like Funduz which offers quite an interesting business model as well as food franchise opportunity.

Funduz was born from the thinking of a food enthusiast who wanted to fuse the humble vada-pav with the western culture with a touch of innovation and the right creativity. Funduz is known for providing delightful food cuisine and food franchise to its customers offering them an ambience so delightful with a great fine dine experience which makes them come back for more.

The Beliefs

Funduz believes in providing phenomenal services to its clients offering a great ambience. Funduz believes in factors like honesty, Teamwork, commitment, excellence, respect and responsibility because according to Funduz these are the quintessential factors for the success of any business at any level.

The Vision

Funduz is a brand currently existing in food industry with an iconic vision of becoming the most profitable QSR chain network looking for PAN-India expansion. What’s great about this unique food brand is that it already has about 30-35 outlets spanning all over India making it all the more lucrative business franchise opportunity in food sector.

Why Funduz franchise?

Why Funduz? Definitely this question needs to be pondered upon. There are many factors both basic and subtle for you to buy a Funduz Franchise:

  • Chef-less preparation- Funduz offers an unique business model which doesn’t require any master chef to prepare its food products.
  • Plausibly priced- At Funduz you will get to eat the most delicious food at the most plausible prices. So, why go anywhere else?
  • Training the Franchisee- The Funduz Team provides constant back-end support to its Franchisees
  • Continuous Marketing- Funduz ensures that there is no stone left unturned in building the brand name.
  • Regular introduction in food range- Funduz offers continuous additions to its tasteful menu so as to offer its customers an quality experience.

Our food products

Funduz offers a very wide variety of food products to its customers like Burgers, instants, Mocktails sandwiches, shakes, vadapavs, wraps and rolls.

The investment budget required for Funduz franchise is 6-15 lacs and the area requirement is about 80-500 sq feet. For more detailed info call us at 97178-99733 or mail us at   

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