How to Start Your Business Amid Covid-19 Outbreak?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created a next level panic & stress followed by a lot of uncertainties in many developed countries like China, Italy, United States and many more. However in India, being a proactive country, Covid-19 has so far not led to mass destruction the way it has in other countries because of the right measures taken at the right time. India has defied epidemic in the past also and it will again do it in a breath.

Sure we are under a lockdown of about 21 days, but this gives you a great opportunity to sit back and introspect what do you want to achieve in your life and that’s when the Entrepreneurial minds think about How can I Start a Franchise Business?

Here at FranchiseZing, we are getting a lot of inquiries about how this will be affecting the search for New Franchise Opportunities.  And what are the business opportunities available in India.

In this duration since you have ample time to analyze many parameters, we suggest you to use this time wisely rather than keeping this block in your mind that, you will only be able to take any decision once we are through this situation. In this time continue to thoroughly go through the profitable franchise options available. Sure no one is stepping out of their houses, but the world doesn’t stop. You must have planned something before this time, don’t be impulsive and let this time change your original decision. 

One of the many therapies of starting a franchise business is making a set of questions and having as many calls as possible with the brands. This will help you in understanding the business model and the terms and conditions of the brand.  

Arrange your finances in place. If you are planning to take a Loan for Franchise Business, talk to the brand about it. Ask about the support provided by the brand.

Prepare yourself for the time when this Lockdown is over.  You will find yourself in a much better place where you are now.

India is still an untapped market for the business like Grocery Franchise Opportunity, Cloud Kitchen Franchise Opportunity inTier-1 & Tier-2 Cities, Games Zone Franchise Opportunity, Travel &Tourism Franchise etc.

You can shortlist the brands that you can work with in this time so that when it’s all over you will be able to come to a decision and start the best franchise.  It will absolutely be the right time as after being quarantined for almost a month there will be an increase in disposable income of people. As they would want to go out, shop, eat out, travel and what not. This is one of those golden opportunities when your business will achieve the breakeven in a very short time than speculated earlier. But all this is possible if you be proactive just like our nation and think about the business opportunities. Talk to our franchise consultants and they will enrich your knowledge with the profitable business options yet low budget franchisees available in the market.

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