In conversation with Adara Ayurveda’s Director Mr. Nikhil Pradeep

Q1Coming to our first question, what is the vision of your iconic brand on which your work is based?

Our vision is to enable healthy, joyful and fulfilling lives through authentic and affordable Ayurveda. The mission of Adara is “to create centres of excellence that will offer holistic Ayurvedic wellness to every individual by drawing on our centuries of learning and our constant research to improve and innovate”.

Q2. In a very short span of time Adara Ayurveda has garnered a lot of fame, that is commendable but what is the reason for this success? Please shed some light on that so that other entrepreneurs can inspire from you?

People have realized that our traditional nature based healing and well-being therapies that offer cure at the problem level and not at the symptom level. This has lead to a massive surge of interest and re-acceptance of indigenous treatments especially Kerala based Ayurveda, as Kerala Ayurveda is completely herbal based and also do not have side effects. Since we have been in this vertical for the last 133 years, its only natural that people gravitate towards us. By ensuring that , we take our legacy in the century’s old form of Ayurveda in a very cost friendly and effective manner, while at the same time ensuring very good profitability to the business, we are carving out our own niche’ in the market.

Q3Tell us something about your brand Adara Ayurveda? What is the USP of your brand?

Adara stands for inner and outer beauty. The products and therapies which we have developed over the last 132 years from the time, when our founder was the palace physician to the Maharaja of Travancore, have ensured amazing results without compromising the quality at very reasonable price points. We have three business models. First is the Ayurveda Spa and salons that offers authentic Ayurvedic spa and salon services. Secondly we have our wellness clinics which address more serious problems like post-stroke rehabilitation programs, arthritis etc. And last but not the least, our retail stores where we offer over 500 products and medications, all of them are manufactured at our ISO and GMP standard manufacturing units. The USP Of our brand is that we are one of the longest continuously functioning Ayurveda houses in India. We still follow the traditional Ayurveda practices. We have a doctor consultation driven approach with in-house products and medications.

Q4. What kind of franchisee are you looking for?

We would like to work with partners who have the passion to take our products and services to market in a way that complements our vision and mission as stated earlier. Considering that, the critical areas of doctors,therapists,products and services will be directly monitored by us, we are not looking for partners who are necessarily in the healthcare sector.

 Q5What kind of training and support do you provide to your franchisees?

We provide end to end guidance to our partner. From location identification to equipment such as the massage table and the Dhara stands to the last mile marketing support, we do everything for our partners. All that they need to do is to cater to all the day to day requirements of the centre.

Q6. Where can you see your brand Adara Ayurveda in the next five years time?

Ayurveda offers immense opportunities in various fields of health and well-being. Centres for treatment and product selling fulfill a very geography centric clientele. We aim to take our services of spa and salon, wellness and retail throughout India by setting up 200 centres in the next 5 years.

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