In Conversation with Mr. Paras Bachhawat, Owner, BACHHAWAT RETAILS (P) LTD.

Mr. Paras Bachhawat, Owner, BACHHAWAT RETAILS (P) LTD.
Mr. Paras Bachhawat, Owner, BACHHAWAT RETAILS (P) LTD.
  • What is the story behind Bacchawat? How it started and what is the inspiration?

Bachhawat Retail Pvt. Ltd. Is a brain child of Paras Bachhawat the third generation of the Bachhawat Family which started their Saree business way back in 1970. Today standing at a net worth of 300 million rupees.

Bachhawat sarees is a name synonym to quality and exclusive designs. The growth chart of the enterprise shows a steady and constant growth, today they stand tall as one of the biggest saree distributors in the country with supplying on more than 750 counters in 19 states of the country in 100+ cities.

Bachhawat sarees boasts a strong backend process with 5 exclusive units working on providing the best quality product at a competitive price.

Bachhawat retail Pvt. Ltd. is venturing into uniform retail stores all across the country through franchise model, the pilot stores are running successfully on 4 locations. In next three years BRPL will be launching 50 such exclusive stores in pan India.


  • What all products that Bacchawat deals in?

Female ethnic wear i.e



Dress materials

Evening gowns

Indo westerns




  • What are the future expansion strategies?

Currently operating 6 stores and opening 8 more in another 3 months

  • What motivated you to go for franchise route for your business expansion?

It’s an open market and our USP is the strong production capacity with the minimum and squeezed out prices that makes a strong competition with the local market and that  we expertise so franchising becomes the best way to expand easy, rapid and long term growth

  • How many outlets of Bacchawat are currently in operation, and how many of them are running through franchise?

Currently 6 outlets are in operational mode and 4 of them are running through franchise model.

  • What are the basic requirements to become a franchise partner of Bacchawat?

Willingness to expand and grow with us.

Expected Investment for Franchise: 30,00,001 – 50,00,000
Capital Investment required: 40 – 50 Lacs
  • What support and training you offer to your franchisees?

We provide end to end solutions

We start with the site selection and interiors of the store to marketing to selling products it on our store with the help of sales and behavior training to employee etc.

  • How the company’s franchise model could benefit aspiring entrepreneurs?

It is a very simple and easy format for the franchisee or the franchisor to work on as everyone cannot excel in every aspect of the business let say if a businessman had a good knowledge strong with the productions of the products but he lack in the marketing or sales so its becomes a overall negative aspect of the business but we join hand with the franchise model then it becomes a win win situation for  both the franchisor or the franchisee and hence it promotes the entrepreneurs to be more focused on their strong side of the business.

  • How will you analyze this sector?

Ethnic wear is a vast and most promising sector when we come to business in India but there are no major players or let say pan India corporate in this sector. So in other terms the business is good untapped market and the annual turnover of the sector is 55 billion$ .

  •   What strategies you employ to maintain the standards of your company?

• Latest Designs

Everything that is in fashion, or expected to be!

• Stock exchange facility within 60 days

With a buy back period of 180 days

• Minimum commitment

• 99.96% returns

Highest Return on Investment (ROI) in the industry

• Interiors of the showroom

• Training of sales team

• Incentive system for sales team

• Central Marketing policy

• Sharing the local marketing cost

All local advertisement and marketing will be executed on joint sharing basis.

  •  What opportunities and challenges are laying ahead in this sector, considering the franchise sector, which is getting bigger with time?

We are there to face the challenges & opportunities as in

Right product at right market is the toughest and the most challenging part of the business.

Proper marketing and customer support is the back bone

And above all selective merchandise at the kindest price.

  • The future plans for next five years?

We plan to expand to 50 stores in another 30 months.



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