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JAWED HABIB, a name to reckon with in the salon industry provides quality services to its customers.We had an Interview with the Franchise Strategist of the Company, Mr. Zafar Khan and we closely got  to know what exactly the company does and how easy it makes hair care and quality beauty services for its customers all over the globe. 
  Why did you choose this industry?
For two reasons. The hair beauty industry is getting transformed from an unorganised sector to an organised one. Such a transformation throws up huge business opportunities. On the other hand the hair and Beauty industry is recession proof. I built a very successful HairXpreso chain while the economy was reeling in recession. The year was 2009. While people were being retrenched I was hiring left, right and centre. During the recession of 2009 people wanting to save money, found the Rs 99/- quick, dry haircut as irresistible. The rapid growth of the HairXpreso chain proved me right. In recession Value-for-money businesses are bound to succeed.

  How was your journey?
My journey with Jawed Habib brand had its own share of challenges. While the brand was big, it lacked formal structure. The brand had its pull in some states of the country while in others it had yet to build its foothold. To rapidly grow the brand, we shifted from JV arrangement to franchising business format. We recruited 8 Master Franchisees. I took up responsibilities of growing Tamil Nadu and Kerala. From 36 JV Centres, I was instrumental in laying the structure that grew the brand to 800 centers. All this happened between 2009 to 2019.

  What were the challenges you faced?
  While rolling the now very successful HairXpreso Dry Haircutting Salon Chain we were severely under capitalised. Because the first flagship salon took off like nobody’s business, capital came pouring in by way of franchise fees charged.

  What are the pertinent skills you look for in a franchisee and what is your role as a business owner?
  A Franchisee needs to have general administration skills, be willing to follow brand rules, be good at man management skills to some extent, willing to walk the extra mile to earn customer satisfaction. And above all have at least Rs 15 lac own capital to invest, as banks will fund happily an equivalent sum. A Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Premium Salon needs Rs 25 lac to Rs 30 as gross total capital investment.

  How can social media help you develop your business and in reaching to the targeted audience?
  Women making a career comeback for their second innings, those who have taken early retirement are our key target customers. Most of these kind are on Facebook and reachable via Organic and Inorganic promotions.

  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  As sole authorized Master Franchisee for Jawed Habib we intend to recruit anywhere between 500 to 1000 new centers in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. We plan to grow 12 to 24 new centers in next 12 consecutive months. Later we target 100% YOY growth till we unlock the fullest potential of the Southern tip of the country.

  Any anecdotes or achievements you would like to share?
  Between 2009 and 2010 the brand HairXpreso was growing at a breakneck speed of 5 centers per month. We hit the magic number 100 salons in 18 months flat.

  Any tips you can give to business heads and entrepreneurs stepping out to start fresh?
  Think any new business takes 1000 days to become successful. That is almost 3 years. First year is to be considered as the settling in period, second year as the promotion period. It’s only in third year that money would start rolling in. This is a universal business truth.

  Please share the franchise facts of your brand with us?
  Facts and Figures:
Brand: Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon.
Space needed: 750 to 1500 sq ft.
Capital Investment: Rs 25 to Rs 30 Lacs
ROI: 50% to 100% by second to third year of business operation.

  How do you provide support to your franchisees?
  We will provide them with A to Z business support. We will provide them with an Interior Design Layout. They will need to find a local fabricator. Budget is around Rs 1000/- per square feet. We will provide them with full staffing support. We will provide them with Organic Digital and Social Media Advertising and Marketing Support. We will provide them with Bank Loan Support. Franchisees don’t have to worry about anything.

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