M.R. Faisal

M.R. Faisal, Vice President Business Development of FOCUS
M.R. Faisal, Vice President Business Development of FOCUS


1. What is the story behind Focus? How it started and what is the inspiration?

Focus Softnet began more than two decades ago by a team of highly skilled professionals who believed that ‘solutions should adapt businesses and not the other way round’. Focused on developing cost-effective software solutions for specific industry requirements, it has a wide and comprehensive range of versatile business management applications. With more than 20 years of deep research and development, they have developed business applications that have provided the best answers to complex business questions especially for small and mid-sized organizations across the globe.


2. What are the services and products that Focus deals in?

Product and service portfolio of offerings

3. What strategies you employ to maintain the standards of your company?
Implementation of the ERP software’s and systems not much before was the tool used most efficiently and commonly only by the Multi-National companies and the large corporate organizations with the big boys controlling the reins of the ERPs market in India. However, with the surge in the Indian economy, the demand for ERP solutions is continuously increasing from SME enterprises. The SME segment is growing faster than ever and is projected to witness an annual growth (CAGR) of 15% to 20 per cent. Mid-sized organizations in the Manufacturing & distribution sector, Retail, Logistics, Services sector, CRM and Hospitality as well as Healthcare industry are upwardly realizing of the imperatives of an ERP investment in the businesses. However, The SMEs look for solutions that require minimal capital and infrastructure investments, low total cost of ownership (TCO) including the costs of upgrades in future, simpler and cost effective implementation and most definitely the last leg service, which the large corporate solutions have not been able to provide.
4. What are the future expansion strategies?
The Indian ERP market is pegged at $ 113 million in 2014 and projected to be around $ 180 – 200 million by 2016. There is a huge opportunity waiting to be captured as 40% of the market is unorganized, with the dominance of local and regional players in the market. The need for ERP is increasing as the SME segment grows and fulfilling this need is Focus Softnet. It has the various products in categories like Entry level, Mid-range products, specialized products that can be tailor made to suit every business requirements.

5. What motivated you to go for franchise route for your business expansion?
Growing SME and startup’s in B and C class cities In India is creating continuous requirement of strong Business Automation software with best local service. That creates sense to have local business tie up via Franchise concept to create a comfortable service relation with End Customer.

6. How many centers of Focus are currently in operation, and how many of them are running through franchise?

Presence across geographies (both India and International)
India, Srilanka, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Kenya, Philippines, Lebanon and South Africa

Focus Softnet is Supporting 4 own Zonal Offices across metros in India supporting 32 Franchises (Regional and Unit).

7. What are the basic requirements to become a franchise partner of Focus?
Company or Individual with good background in IT, Software or Hardware industry, capacity to understand basic business terminology and zeal to serve companies.
8. What kind of support and training you offer to your franchisees?
Focus Softnet offers continuous training policy to make better knowledge transfer to new franchises and their employees, Focus also has a Hand holding policy to make new Franchises comfortable initially.The Focus Franchisee Program ( FFP ) offers all of the essential ingredients for success, including great discounts, training, technical assistance, marketing support and sales leads. The business benefits of the FFP are designed to help you provide your customers the maximum value of Focus Softnet’s Solutions. The FFP aims to enable private entrepreneurs and organizations to capitalize on the opportunities thrown open by technology advancements.

9. How does the brand’s franchise model could benefit aspiring entrepreneurs?
Focus Softnet is recognized for technical excellence and rapid evolution of solutions that deliver absolute value for money. Headquartered in Hyderabad for Indian operations, Focus Softnet’s core competence is in its product offering for various categories like Entry Level solutions which are products with low ticket value, Mid-Range products such as Focus 6 level I, Focus RT and Focus (I) are available in variable price range and specialized products which are custom built and appropriate for bigger corporations.
• Lucrative:
Joining the Franchise Program allows partners to greatly increase their software and/or service revenues. The stronger a partner performs, the greater their financial benefits.
• Support:
The Franchise Program has framework to ensure the highest response and service levels for high-producing partners, while providing excellent assistance for all participants.
• Flexibility:
Focus Offers Regional and Unit Franchisee structures that are available, depending on your corporate charter.
• Strength:
Focus Softnet, Channel Development has consistently out-produced their targets year after year, so you can be assured of partnering with a winning team.
• Collaboration:
Whenever you need resources to assist customers during the sales cycle, Focus Softnet will provide immediate support, collateral, training, and inside product information to ensure maximum revenue is realized with every opportunity.

10. How do you analyze this sector?
Business Challenges in Small and Medium Organizations.

  • Improve efficiency of business processes
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Be flexible and responsive to customer needs
  • Improve revenue

Associated IT Challenges

  •  High Capital expenditure on IT infrastructure
  •  Mapping of company strategy to ERP
  •  Improve utilization and management of IT resources
  •  Scalability – align with business priorities
  •  Solution always available

Focus Softnet products has provided best fit software to suite the needs of Growing SME industry with expertise in multi domain industries.
Electro Mechanical Division
Electronics & Electricals
Mechanical & Engineering
Medical & Pharmacy
Oil & Lubricants Pharmacy
Tours & Travels
Transport & Logistics
Construction Materials
Distribution & Logistics
Food & Beverages

11. What kind of opportunities and challenges are laying ahead in this sector, considering the franchise sector, which is getting bigger with time?

a. A unique combination of Multiple business strengths synergizing to provide one stop service.
b. Limited Competition: Very limited competition and mostly chasing big corporate. Pricing for them is an entry barrier to the SME sector.
c. Untapped Market – There is a GAP in the market and a vast untapped market exists – THIS IS WHERE THE FOCUS Franchise will target
d. Price competitive –Suitable to meet SME business budgets
e. Feature driven and not Brand name driven

12. The future plans for next five years?
Focus Softnet intends to have at least one Unit Franchise each in all Cities PAN India (135 Towns and Cities Identified) and to obtain maximum market penetration with utmost customer satisfaction.
To become the best business management application and integration expertise with faster return on investment to businesses world-wide.
To make Focus Softnet one of the best IT solutions provider for enterprises in terms of growth, quality, and innovation and provide Solution that move Business

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