Makoons Pre-school- Creating Leaders For Tomorrow


Q1.Can we start with an overview of your brand; and what inspired you to start Makoons pre-school? What thought motivated you to start it?

 Answer: Makoons Pre School is not all about just Early Childhood Education but it’s also about providing the environment conducive for Kids to shape their future course without even realizing in the present context. We have been associated with Early Childhood business for very long time. Hence, was aware of the gaps in the Industry and was not happy about it as this is the time to give path to the future course in the life of a kid, so to fill the gap we thought about launching Makoons to provide the unique concept to little kids

Q2. What has been the most difficult aspect of getting your brand off the ground and how did you overcome that and what kind of activities are facilitated by you regarding children’s holistic development?

Answer: We didn’t wanted to be a Me-Too Brand thus our purpose was not to just enroll student but to educate the parents and guardians about the importance of Early Childhood Education and its effects in shaping the future. As we were the only brand to take this route, the hardship of breaking the industry shackles came along with it. But We are happy that it helped us to create a solid foundation in the mind of parents and would-be parents.

Q3. According to you what is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the brand?  How is your brand different from your competitors?

Answer: As our tagline suggest KIDS UNPLUGGED that’s our core belief. This is the age to create a strong foundation which helps Kids to carve out what they become in future without even realizing. Therefore, with this belief we have structure our curriculum to bring the best out of the children in the environment conducive to them. This makes us stand out from the competition.

Q4. Where have you marked your presence in India till date?

Answer: Delhi NCR, Western UP, Mumbai

Q5What kind of backend and frontend support you would provide to your franchisees?

Answer: Makoons provides assistance in finalizing, developing infrastructure and designing interiors and continuously gives all marketing and backend support for smooth start-up. Makoons Pre- School has a friendly business model for the franchisee with robust ROI in place.

Q6Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years and what are your future strategies?

Answer: We would like to concentrate first 5 years to strengthen our base in North and West India before moving South.

Q7. Please share the franchise facts of  Makoons pre-school with us.

·         Total Investment: 10-12 Lakhs
·         Franchise fees: 3 Lakhs
·         Area Required: 1500 sqft
·         Royalty: 15%
·         Margin:
Payback period


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