Makoons Pre-school: Fostering Children For Tomorrow


Makoons: Kids unplugged

Currently education industry is witnessing a boom and is overhauling with profitable business opportunities. Various franchise opportunities are filling in the preschool sector. International as well as national brands are making their presence felt in the education market promising a healthy growth based on proven business models.

So, considering preschool franchise can prove to be much beneficial to you in financial terms. Our country would soon be witnessing a surplus of 47 million people, which is more than enough, who would be working by the year 2020.

There are many pre-school brands like Makoons pre-school, kidzee and Rainbow who not only give child the required path but also provide them with what they aspire to become.

What do parents desire?

Parents want what is best for their children. Anyone who is a mother or a father would naturally want what is not just good but top-notch for them. There is no doubt about it at all.

Makoons: kids Unplugged

We at Makoons are known for providing the best infrastructure along with high quality education for children teaching them the core values to live life and deal with all the clutter and unexpected problems simultaneously keeping in mind the well being of society as well.

We at Makoons pre-school try our level best to give children their desired path and teach them how to become what they want to become?


Our core vision is regarding enhancing the child’s potential for his/her ultimate success in life at emotional, mental physical and cognitive level fostering equality, individuality and creativity in child.


We give children the experience of educational field trips, yoga and dance classes are provided to extract their innovative side creating a positive learning environment. And in this venture of its pan- India expansion Makoons pre-school is being helped by one of the best franchise consultancy companies, that is franchisezing. For more information, contact franchisezing @ 9717899733.

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